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Bear Swipes Chick-fil-A Order From Florida Man’s Front Porch

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Christopher Evans/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images)

This black bear was ready to “Eat Mor Chikin.”

Security cam video shows this bear foraging for some Chick-fil-A outside a Seminole County, Florida home. The video starts with the camera facing a front porch filled with Christmas decorations and a bumbling black bear making his way toward the front door.

It’s clear that the bear sniffed out the Chick-fil-A bag and made a beeline for the door. However, when it first gets up to the door, it seems a little apprehensive. The bear looks around, scoping out the scene. Then, after a quick moment, the creature takes the bag in his mouth and casually walks off with the food.

Paul Newman is the owner of the home, and his security camera captured the incident on Wednesday. It made off with a nice haul, as well: 30 nuggets and a large French fry order. It’s safe to say the bear may have had the tastiest meal of his life last night.

However, during the video, Newman narrates an interesting twist to the story. While the animal made off with one bag, it actually left a second bag completely untouched.

“He didn’t want the salad, though,” Newman can be heard in the video. “Nothing to do with the salad. Weird.”

Perhaps this bear was in a particularly carnivorous mood, and maybe the salad wasn’t going to sustain him through the winter. Regardless, it seems like Newman didn’t mind paying for the critter’s dinner, considering his comical tone throughout the video.

Black Bear Seen Roaming Streets of Downtown Knoxville

Black bear sightings have become increasingly common in the past decade or so. Many people believe that these sightings are more widely reported for a few reasons. First, most agree that black bear interactions with humans have increased as humans have encroached upon their habitat. Secondly, most agree that the widespread use of cell phones with cameras and security footage increases the likelihood of an encounter being recorded and shared.

One black bear in Knoxville, Tennessee is a prime example of human and bear habitats merging. Recent video footage shared by local outlet WBIR News shows a black bear meandering the downtown streets of Knoxville. After going undetected for a while, the beast was spotted by a nighttime security guard, then a police officer. According to WBIR, a Knox County deputy pulled up to the animal and shined a bright light on it. Apparently, it walked the opposite way and kept its distance from the officer.

The animal’s adventure around town started around 4:45 a.m., so it’s a little surprising that the bear encountered almost no one. The outlet reports that authorities normally leave wandering bears alone, unless they’re causing a disturbance. Reportedly, the animal was never captured by any authorities. It just went about the rest of its morning, venturing further downtown.