Beavers Are Being Reintroduced in London for the First Time in 400 Years

by Tia Bailey
(Photo via Getty Images/Stock Photo)

Beavers haven’t been in London for 400 years. However, that’s changing now. The semiaquatic rodents are being reintroduced, and it’s about dam time.

Reintroducing the animals is part of a two-year plan to tackle climate change effects, according to BBC. It’s well-known that beavers build dams, but many don’t realize how beneficial it is to the rest of their environment. Water is slowed, stored, and filtered in the process, which attracts other wildlife and reduces downstream flooding.

 “We’re delighted to be returning beavers to live in such close proximity to this urban area, working with an extended veterinary team to ensure highest welfare for the animals,” Dr. Roisin Campbell-Palmer, beaver restoration lead at the Beaver Trust, said.

NowThis shared a video about the re-introduction of the species to London to Twitter, writing: “WELL, DAM: For the first time in 400 years, beavers are being re-introduced in London.”

In the video, re-wilding advocate Ben Goldsmith gives a statement about this move, saying: “I think we need to be reintroducing missing species because it’s our moral duty to put right the damage that we’ve done in the past. And when you put a missing species back into a landscape, a whole cascade of benefits are produced, and the greater those benefits, the more likely you would call that species a keystone species.”

While the team hoped that the male and female that were reintroduced would reproduce by next year, sad news fell upon them. Back in June, the male beaver was found dead. They checked on the female, who was found to be healthy, and have discussed reintroducing another male soon.

Beaver Caught in Zion Park Bathing

A beaver in Utah’s Zion National Park was caught on video in an adorable moment.

The video was shared to Instagram by the National Park Service.

“The beaver content you didn’t know you needed. ⁣Splish splash, I was taking a bath! The beaver (Castor canadensis) North America’s largest rodent,” they wrote in the caption.

In the video, the beaver is sitting on the ground bathing itself. It is one of the cutest things to see, and commenters loved it.

“Ha ha! I just found this! Love it!” one person wrote. Another said: “Daw. His lip is drooping. My rats would do that when very relaxed- he must be having a wonderful bath.”

The caption then went on to explain that beavers have short hair for warmth and longer hairs to waterproof. Since they spend so much time in the water, when they come to shore, they will groom themselves, as seen in the adorable video.

“The beaver sits upright and uses its forepaws to shake water out of its ears. It may then scratch the hair on its head, rub its eyes, comb its whiskers, and scratch its belly,” they wrote.