Beloved Albino Deer Makes Long-Awaited Return to Tennessee Town

by Tia Bailey
Photo by: Wayne Hutchinson/Farm Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A popular deer has made its way back to a Tennessee town. The beloved albino deer named Ole Caney is now on display.

Ole Caney was an albino deer that was very well-known by Chapel Hill residents. Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency shared that sadly Ole Caney was hit by a car last year in November. However, instead of doing what they usually do for deer on the side of the road, they decided to preserve him. According to WKRN, they did a full-body mount of the beloved deer using Wilson’s Wildlife Artistry of Crossville.

A petition was started to bring Ole Caney back to Chapel Hill, where many residents have fond memories of him, and now he is back for everyone to see.

Man Tries to Smuggle Live Albino Alligator on Flight

A United States tourist was recently caught trying to smuggle a live animal onto a flight. Not a cat or dog, though — a live albino alligator.

Officials at Munich International Airport saw the stuffed in his suitcase via an X-ray. Not only was the animal stuffed into the suitcase, but he was curled up and wrapped in Saran wrap. He was attempting to smuggle the reptile from Germany to Singapore.

Munich Main Customs Office shared a statement detailing what happened: “Customs officers confiscated a live albino alligator on 25th September, 2022 at Munich Airport. While checking luggage, security check employees discovered an unusual X-ray image. They immediately informed customs officers, who, when opening the suitcase, found a live white alligator wrapped in cling film. Together with a veterinarian, the customs officers freed the animal and took over first aid. Before departing for Singapore, the passenger was located by customs officials. The officials initiated proceedings against the 42-year-old businessman. The Munich Customs Investigation Office took over further investigations.The animal is currently in the sanctuary for reptiles and will continue to be cared for there.”

Officials have initiated proceedings against the man. He illegally attempted to traffic wildlife without a permit, which is an offense under the Endangered Species Act.

Huge Alligator Washes Ashore, Scares Beachgoers

A 12-foot alligator washed ashore on a beach in Florida. The event was caught on video.

Local resident T.J. Tamaccio shared his video with WPTV Palm Beach. He also gave more information about the experience: “It was crazy. I just rolled up to the beach doing my routine, and I saw the commotion — I thought it would be a little shark or something. I was trying to think where it came from. It must have been far out there but probably came from Boynton Inlet and got lost and had to get to land and beach itself.”

Although it was startling for people, being in Florida, seeing the big reptiles isn’t super uncommon.