Bigfoot Sightings by Navajo Nations Residents Lead to a Formal Investigation

by Shelby Scott
(Richard Foreman/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

Bigfoot sightings, especially across the Western United States, are anything but unheard of. But a number of reports from the Navajo Nation of New Mexico, as much as 30 in total along the San Juan River, previously led authorities to launch a formal investigation. And that investigation has actually been featured on the Netflix special, Unsolved Mysteries.

MSN states that the special features two now-retired Navajo Nation Rangers named Stanley Milford, Jr. and Jonathan Redbird Dover. In 2000, the rangers received an unusual assignment. At the time, they were assigned to investigate a number of reports of paranormal activity across the reservation. In total, the reservation spans an area of 27,000 square miles, which is about the size of West Virginia.

After speaking with numerous residents over years, Dover and Milford have a solid description of the Bigfoot creature being spotted. Per the outlet, Navajo Nation residents describe the creature as seven-to-eight feet tall. It’s also muscular, has canine teeth, and, more strangely, smells like wet dog.

Several reports also claimed Bigfoot had stepped over corrals and taken sheep. Other incidents saw some sheep killed after having the wool ripped from their backs.

While Dover and Milford began their investigation as early as 2000, Bigfoot sightings increased significantly by 2013. The Durango Herald first reported “dark intruders on private property” at that time, responsible for killing livestock and raiding gardens. However, the paper also reported that Bigfoot sightings in the Navajo Nation continued to increase every year.

Navajo Nation Residents Recall Bigfoot Encounters

In the Netflix special, Dover and Milford spoke with a number of Navajo Nation residents about their Bigfoot encounters. One interview was even featured in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries itself.

Footage from the episode shows the Najavo Nation Rangers speaking with one resident, for whom MSN didn’t provide a name. She shared with the rangers, “Coming down that highway there [near the San Juan River], I thought a person was hitchhiking. But as I got a little bit closer, it wasn’t a person. It was a tall, tall body with…it seemed like, with hair all over, because I didn’t see, like, facial features or anything.”

Another resident, Brenda Harris, also shared several Bigfoot encounters she’d experienced and some of them were apparently extremely close calls.

One summer night, Harris said she saw a strange creature that was “black, tall, and…covered in hair.” At the time, the creature had been trying to turn the doorknob to her mobile home, an instance that took place multiple times that night. After making its attempts to penetrate the home, “Bigfoot” supposedly ran off to the west. The next day, Harris told the rangers she found what appeared to be a footprint, one measuring 18 inches long and four inches wide.

With nearly a decade having passed since the Navajo Nation saw the jump in Bigfoot sightings, we’re interested to see whether the number of reports has increased even more.