Bizarre Dots Appear in Australian Outback, Internet Says It’s UFO-Related

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: franco tollardo

Odd-looking dots recently appeared in the Australian outback, resulting in a debate that it’s potentially UFO-related. 

The bizarre objects were first seen on Google Maps, quickly spurring speculation about what they could be. People first found the dots and markings in Queensland, about 40 miles from the city of Longreach.

Explanations began with the rational before others let their imagination run wild and reasoning turned to UFOs.

The extraterrestrial snap was first shared by a Reddit user, who said they discovered the dots while looking at the continent on Google maps.

“Found these strange dots and lines out in the middle of nowhere, saw it when looking at the satellite google map view,” they wrote online.

At first, other users pointed out that the mining activity in the area could be a reasonable explanation for the dots and markings. “Mining site with blast layouts?” one user quipped. 

In addition, someone else commented: “Slurry pits from exploration drill rigs. And maybe costeans across the dry lake beds,” referring to pits dug by local miners.

Later, others started getting creative with their explanation. “I reckon it’s trees that have been pushed up by a dozer and burned, leaving white ash piles behind,” one wrote.

Some also theorized that it was bales or piles of cotton that someone could have harvested in the area. However, the strange phenomenon soon prompted an explanation that it was alien-related. 

Online sleuths try to determine the origin of ‘UFO-looking’ dots

One Reddit user said that “Area 51 is too closely monitored” UFOs “are now parked here in Longreach cause who goes there.”

The famous Area 51 facility in Nevada is the name of a highly classified Test and Training Range at the United States Air Force facility. 

Conspiracy theorists have long believed that the US government used the site to store, examine and study crashed alien spacecraft.

The phenomenon also comes after an eagle-eyed mom saw an alien-like hexagon pattern in a remote Australian town off the coast. Vanessa Hammond, an Australian mom of two, shared the odd information on social media after seeing it on Google Maps.

Her recent video reveals that the phenomenon occurred over the Cape Range National Park in Western Australia. However, after looking closely, viewers can see an orange, hexagonal compound with intersecting lines close to the coast. 

The ornate pattern looks like someone or something chiseled the intricate design into the desert landscape.

NASA recently announced it had chosen a group of individuals to participate in the highly-anticipated study of UFOs. The study will also examine other odd aerial phenomena. 

The study began on Monday, October 23. For the next nine months, participants will examine and study previous observations and determine how to analyze data regarding UFOs.