Black Bear Attacks Family on Hiking Trail, Critically Injures Two Women

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A Canadian family faced tragedy recently as a black bear lunged toward the hikers, attacking three and critically injuring two. The family was on a sunset hike earlier this week in British Colombia, Canada when the devastating attacks occurred.

Hikers Face Terrifying Ordeal When Black Bear Charges On A Canadian Trail

According to reports, the family was hiking around 7 p.m. along the Wolverine Trail within Canada’s Nordic Ski Trail system on Bear Mountain. As the trio continued walking, they found themselves facing something terrifying when they noticed a black bear fast approaching. The hikers soon realized this bear was charging right at them.

The hikers then turned to run the other way, officials report. The two women ages 30 and 48 were left with critical injuries. The teenage boy suffered injuries far less critical after being swatted by the attacking animal.

“They turned to run and the bear chased after them,” officials explain of the attack.

“One woman was attacked by the bear,” the officers continue. “While another woman and [a] teenage boy [was] also injured trying to help.”

The Conservation Office Service responded to the attack site. These officers were also joined by the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. Once on the scene, the officers were able to locate and put down the adult male bear. The report notes that the bear was guarding the two female victims when the officials arrived on the scene. The area remains closed to the public.

Conservation Officers Remain On The Scene Of The Attack Continuing The Investigation

The officers responding to the tragic attack are remaining on the scene as an investigation into the incident continues. However, the officials have noted that a sweep of the area has revealed there are no additional bears in the area. The Conservation Officers will be conducting a necropsy examination on the bear.

“No additional bears were located during a sweep of the area,” the COS officials state.

Insane Footage Shows A Man Slap Bear As It Barges Onto The Property

Recently, an insane video has gone viral depicting a man who slaps a bear trying to protect his girlfriend and his dogs from the unwelcome attacker. In the video, we see the bear barge onto the property. Initially, the shock sets in as the couple scream at the sight of the animal, immediately pulling the dogs back to safety.

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However, the man quickly jumps into action, now screaming at the bear attempting to scare it away. He then strikes the unwelcome animal on the face while yelling at it to get away. Eventually, he grabs a large shovel and a metal trashcan lid banging the two items together making as much noise as possible to scare the bear away.