Black Bear Attacks Woman and Her Dog in Oregon, Gets Hit By a Car, Then Flees

by Jonathan Howard

In the outdoors, things can get dangerous in a hurry. A black bear in Oregon recently attacked a woman and her dog before running off. After it scurried away, it was struck by a car and then was able to flee the scene completely. The woman and dog were in their own backyard in Medford when the attack happened around 8:40 p.m. local time Monday night.

This sounds like a scene of pure chaos. Taking my dog out at night can be sketchy when things start making noise in the night. Especially when my dogs decide they are tough enough to run after it. However, here in Kentucky, I don’t have to worry about black bears mauling me on my property.

Black Bear on the Loose After Attack

After being attacked, the woman noted that the bear had rushed her while she was in her yard. She came away with injuries to her left arm and left leg. Police responded to the scene and gave a brief statement on the matter.

“The woman’s dog intervened and was also attacked, but together, the woman and her dog were able to chase the bear off,” police explained.

This was a bear weighing somewhere between 150-200 pounds. Not the biggest in the world, but still a large, strong force of nature. It sounds like the woman was very lucky to have her dog with her at this time and likely vice versa. The bear decided that these two were just not worth the effort after a while and thankfully, they were both able to survive the confrontation.

Although both state troopers and Fish and Game Division officers assisted in the search, the Department of Fish and Wildlife has not located the bear as of now. So, they are asking residents to report anything they might see. It is believed the bear is injured from the car striking it.

There are ways to avoid a bear attack, but not much you can do once they decide to actually do something. You can hope to have a dog, bear mace, or maybe a gun. Besides that, fight back as best you can to deter the animal from attacking further.

Bear Mace Saves Man’s Life

Earlier in the week, we covered a story about a man that was attacked by a grizzly bear. The Montana resident, Todd Orr was attacked in 2016. He was out hiking and when the grizzly charged, he deployed his bear mace. For a couple of minutes, it didn’t deter the bear from attacking and injuring the man. While that’s scary, it isn’t the whole story.

Afterward, the man was able to walk away three miles back to his vehicle and drive himself to the hospital. In the meantime, he shot a selfie video, covered in blood and maimed – happily declaring his legs, internal organs, and eyes were all good and unharmed. Really, that’s all you can hope for.

You can watch the graphic video here. It shows a lot, so be warned. A bear attack is a terrifying situation to be in. Hopefully, none of you will be taking a bloody selfie video any time soon.