Black Bear Killed After Attacking Person in Colorado

by Shelby Scott

Recently, authorities were forced to put down a Colorado black bear after the animal attacked a local resident, leaving them with a serious arm injury.

According to Out There Colorado, news of an early morning black bear attack broke on Wednesday, August 31st. The outlet states the initial report was received around 2 a.m. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officers responded to the scene with personnel were called to Castle Valley Ranch Neighborhood.

Upon arriving, officers checked on the injured individual before they were forced to shoot and kill the bear. Responding authorities found the animal near where its encounter with the unnamed individual took place. In responding to the incident, wildlife officers took out a second bear. Several others populated the area. Fortunately, though, the authorities stated they planned to relocate the remaining black bears at a later time that same day.

So far, details regarding the black bear attack have not been released. As to the individual, we can confirm that they were taken to a nearby hospital with an injured arm.

Following the shooting of the bear and the injured person’s transport to the hospital, the outlet states New Castle Police Department expressed sympathy on both accounts. They shared their sadness for the attack on the victim as well as for the bears’ deaths.

To best keep yourself and your local population of black bears safe, be sure to contain any potential food sources and use noise and light to startle them away.

Colorado Man Insists Black Bears ‘Are Not Afraid of People’ After Scary Encounter

The aforementioned Colorado black bear is, unfortunately, not the first to lose its life after a potentially deadly encounter with a human. Before Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officers were forced to dispatch the attacking bears, another CO resident, Ken Mauldin, was forced to shoot one multiple times after it entered his home.

As a resident of Steamboat Springs, CO, Mauldin is pretty unphased by black bear sitings. According to Field & Stream, the black bear population in the Western U.S. town is impressive. In addition, its residents encounter bruins on a regular basis. Recently though, Mauldin found a 300 to 400-pound black bear standing inside of his house. Somehow, it managed to open one of the doors. And, because the animal was relatively unintimidated by the man’s presence, Mauldin discharged his .40 caliber Glock nine separate times before the animal went down.

Speaking about this recent encounter, Mauldin said, “We’re seeing bears that have lost all of their natural fear of humans. They’re walking through restaurants. They’re walking through hotel lobbies…[and] coming into occupied structures with large barking dogs. We have town bears here that are not afraid of people.”

And, per his account, it’s only becoming a worsening problem.