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Blind Horse Breaks Three Guinness World Records in Oregon

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Christiana Stawski/Getty Images)

A horse with no eyes in Oregon just broke three Guinness World Records, and I bet you never thought you’d read that sentence today. The 22-year-old horse broke the following records: the highest free jump by a blind horse, the most flying changes by a horse in one minute, and the fastest time for a blind horse to weave five poles.

Morgan Wagner from Corvallis, Oregon, is the owner of Endo, the magnificent blind horse. She said that when she was 13 years old, she was allowed to pick her very own horse from her grandmother’s herd. When he was 8, Endo started having eye issues. He was eventually diagnosed with equine recurrent uveitis.

Also called moon blindness, equine recurrent uveitis affects 2-2.5% of horses globally. It is the most common cause of blindness in horses and is caused by a mix of genetic and environmental factors. Endo’s disease eventually led to him having both of his eyes removed. Because of his blindness, Endo initially lost his confidence, according to Wagner.

“He was very scared in the beginning, so I took him for walks around the barn and then moved on to walks around the property,” she told Guinness World Records. “Everything in small steps.”

Blind Horse Breaks Three World Records, Proving That Even Horses Can Adapt to Extreme Change

Endo has seemingly adapted well to being blind. The now 22-year-old horse still has the skills he had as a youngster. “Each record was something Endo already knew. We just had to practice and fine-tune it,” Wagner explained. “He learned to jump again after going blind because he competed in a discipline that required upper-level riding and obstacle work, and in that discipline, he became national champion at the highest level.”

To break the record for the highest free jump by a blind horse, Endo jumped 3 feet and 5.73 inches. For his second record, most flying changes in one minute, he did 39 flying changes in 60 seconds. Lastly, he weaved five poles in 6.93 seconds. This broke the record for fastest time for a blind horse to weave five poles.

“It feels amazing that Endo has three world records,” said Wagner. “I’m very grateful to Guinness World Records for letting us have a platform for blind horses to show the world that they’re still capable of anything.”

Meanwhile, a Cat in Michigan is Crowned World’s Tallest

Back in October, a cat in Michigan was named the World’s Tallest Domestic Cat by Guinness World Records. Fenrir the 2-year-old Savannah cat stands 18.8 inches tall. He is surpassed only by his brother and previous record holder, Acturus, who stood 19 inches tall. He sadly passed away in a house fire in 2017.

According to Fenrir’s owner, Dr. William Powers, the cat is still growing, even at 2 years old. He’s so big that some people mistake him for a wild cat. “This can actually scare people, and they back away from him in fear,” Powers told Guinness World Records, “but once I explain that he’s a therapy cat and very friendly, people are thrilled to walk up to him.”