Boater Discovers Man’s Body Floating in Lake Michigan’s ‘Playpen’ Area

by Sean Griffin

A boater spotted a man’s body floating in Lake Michigan‘s “Playpen” area on Saturday and alerted authorities, Fox News reports. The body was discovered around 4:30 p.m. just as the Chicago Air and Water Show wrapped up.

U.S. Coast Guard units monitoring the Playpen arrived at the scene first. Then, the Chicago Marine Police recovered the body. 

Spencer Williams, 29, was pronounced dead at the scene, the Cook County medical examiner’s office said.

This is the third serious emergency event at the Playpen in the past week, the Chicago Tribune reported.

One person was left in critical condition on Wednesday. They had fallen off a boat in the Playpen at around 7:30 p.m. that day. Officials are still looking for a second person in that incident.

Furthermore, another horrific incident occurred last weekend at Lake Michigan’s “playpen” area.

In a tragic incident that occurred last weekend, a Chicago woman suffered an accident where a propeller severed both of her feet. The woman says she thought she was “going to die” on Lake Michigan. In this rafting accident, her raft became pulled into the wake of a passing vessel. She, along with passengers, got sucked under a passing boat, according to news outlets.

Another Recent Tragedy at Lake Michigan’s ‘Playpen’

Lana Batochir, 34, a married mom of two, spent Saturday on the water in the so-called “Playpen” area of the lake. She spent the day with her friends, and unfortunately, the day would end poorly.

Batochir and her companions were floating on a raft in the “Playpen” area. A nearby rental boat set anchor but then malfunctioned and began drifting, according to the state’s Department of Natural Resources.

Then, the boat’s captain reversed the course, and it sucked the floatie under the boat. The boat carried Batochir and her friends onboard under the other vessel. The woman’s husband was on another boat and dragging the raft behind, according to CBS News.

Batochir launched a GoFundMe campaign after the incident. In the description of the campaign, she described the horrifying scene.

“Everything happened so fast. We were all under his boat within seconds,” she wrote. She said she felt “unimaginable pain” when the boat’s propeller made contact with her.

She recalled the brutal moment, saying: “I thought I was dying. I fought for my life for seconds which felt like minutes. I began to drown, I couldn’t swim.”

Chicago police marine officers who responded to the Lake Michigan scene also rescued Batochir’s 28-year-old friend. Her friend sustained gruesome injuries, as well. She had part of her hands severed by the propeller.

Batochir explained that she was scheduled to receive a below-the-knee amputation on both legs. She also requires nerve surgery. This will be followed by a lengthy rehabilitation period. During this time, she will learn how to walk on prosthetic legs.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I love to dance, love music, and enjoying life itself with family,” the mom of two children wrote. “My life has completely changed because of one unfortunate tragedy.”

But she did close on an optimistic note. She writes, “even though it feels like the worst thing that happened to me, I still feel very lucky to be alive.”