Body of Missing Boy Found Near Waterfall in Washington Park

by Emily Morgan

Authorities have discovered the body of a missing boy last seen alive near a waterfall in Washington Park. According to the Bellingham, Washington Police Department, the child died in the water in Whatcom Falls Park on Friday. That same day, the police department received a distressed phone call to the area around 2:30. During the conversation, the parents reported their child missing.

Previously, his parents reported that he played in a pond with a 4-foot tall waterfall. Deputy Chief Don Almer said it’s unclear if the child was swept away by a current or something else.

“The child was not swimming or jumping off anything and this is a tragic accident,” he said after they discovered the body. “It is unknown how the child got into deeper waters.”

He added: “We believe [the child was] splashing and playing in shallow areas.” Before the tragedy, the family was at a gathering in the park.

Police and firefighters work together to locate young boy in Washington Park

According to The Sun, police and the fire departments responded to the scene six minutes after the parents placed the 911 call. Firefighters assisted the police officers in locating the child. After finding the boy, they transported him to a nearby hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

“Sadly, advanced life-saving measures were not enough and the child was deceased,” Almer said. “It’s a tragedy. I can’t even conceive what they’re going through,” he added. The identity of the child is currently unknown.

“Out of respect for the family in their time of unimaginable grief and loss, I am only stating the child’s age as under 16,” Almer said in an official statement.

“Our condolences go out in this unimaginable time of grief and loss for them. It’s a tragic accident.”

In April, a 3-year-old Pennsylvania girl fell over a waterfall in North Carolina after she slipped while playing in the sand, according to her police and family.

According to outlets, Nevaeh Newswanger was visiting Whitewater Falls when she was swept away and plunged below the water’s surface.

First responders arrived on the scene around 5:50 p.m. and recovered her body at about 1 a.m. According to reports, the child’s family decided to hike a trail that led to the river above the waterfall about 25 miles from their home.

“We desperately tried to rescue her but the current was so strong and it swept her down the river and over the falls where the angels caught her,” her parents wrote in a GoFundMe page.

“She is now our precious angel, so radiant in the presence of God. Her name is heaven spelled backwards. She was truly a piece of heaven to all who knew her,” they added.