Brave Florida Evacuees Save Baby Deer From Hurricane Ian Floodwater

by Shelby Scott
(Photo By: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Humans weren’t the only ones to lose their homes after Hurricane Ian struck Florida’s west coast on Wednesday. In the days after Ian made initial landfall, residents have been hard at work helping family members and neighbors alike in picking up the pieces of their lives not washed away in the storm. However, amid recovery efforts, one brave group of Florida evacuees waded into floodwaters to rescue a distressed baby deer.

Per an account from WESH 2, a Central Florida man, named Owen Fletcher, stepped up alongside his roommates to answer a call for help from a fawn when Hurricane Ian began to slam Orlando. Speaking about the incident during the aftermath of the Category 4 storm, Fletcher said the deer had been struggling to stay above water. To keep her safe, he and his roommates pulled her onto their balcony.

Then, when the roommates evacuated their University Boulevard home, the outlet states that they brought the deer with them. In evacuating ahead of the storm’s approach, the group headed to Lake Nona. And it’s there where they plan to release the little animal back to her native habitat.

Baby Deer One of Many Creatures Lucky to Survive Hurricane Ian

Closer to Florida’s western coast and, therefore, the immediate effects of Hurricane Ian, another man sacrificed his own strength as floodwaters rose in his home to keep his 125-pound dog safe.

Over the weekend, a report emerged from Fort Myers, FL—one of the worst stricken areas by Hurricane Ian—that stated one man spent several hours holding his 125-pound German shepherd above his head.

Recalling the terrifying events that took place in Fort Myers, a local resident spoke with The Weather Channel‘s Mike Seidel, revealing he spent four hours holding the large dog out of the floodwater that penetrated his home.

Per his account, the water had come within 18-20 inches of the ceiling of the home he’d lived in since 1981. Based on footage, his home still seems to be standing but it’s going to take a lot of work to get things back to the way they were.

Fortunately for Geronimo, he only slipped underwater a handful of times. And while the ordeal was certainly a struggle for both man and dog, both seem to be doing well given the circumstances.

Fox News Reporter Saves Elderly Man From Car

First responders have been kept busy the last few days as they work to rescue and recover Floridians pummeled by the wind, rain, and flooding brought on by Hurricane Ian. Aiding in these statewide rescues are government employees and volunteers alike, but recently stepping up to the plate is none other than Fox News‘s Steve Harrigan.

Footage out of one of many flood-ridden regions of the state showed Harrigan carrying an elderly man from the floodwaters left behind to dry land where he could be helped by other volunteers. Speaking about his actions, he said, “You just try and help.”