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Brave German Shepherd Loses Eye After Saving Family From Coyote Attack

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Rebecca Stynes / EyeEm via Getty Images)

On a brisk fall morning in Tucson, Arizona, a man, known online as Steve, decided to enjoy the cool weather with his two dogs and take a walk around the neighborhood. The walk began like any other for the trio, the man, his German Shepherd, Sig, and his husky, Isla, making their way safely around the subdivision. As their outing came to an end, however, three coyotes appeared near the road, slinking out of the surrounding desert.

Before Steve and his beloved companions could make a move, the coyotes attacked, lunging straight for Sig. While one coyote mauled the German Shepherd’s face, the other two attacked his legs. Meanwhile, a terrified Isla was pulling with all her might in the opposite direction.

As Steve explained in a subsequent TikTok, he didn’t have his firearm on his person at the time. But even if he had, he wouldn’t have been able to fire safely with his husky doing her best to pull him away from the blood-thirsty coyotes. The dog owner could only watch in horror as Sig did his best to protect his owner and sister from the wild animals, suffering severe injuries in the process.

Despite the horrific injuries covering his face and body, Sig never gave up the fight, continuing to deliver attacks of his own until the coyotes gave up the hunt and fled back to the desert. Without wasting a moment, Steve rushed Sig to the hospital where veterinarians saved his life. Sadly, however, the German Shepherd lost an eye in the savage assault.

@doctor_professor_steve Sig Sauer defended his sister Isla the Husky and myself. He’s a good boy. #goodboy #germanshepherd #gsdoftiktok #gsd #coyoteattacks #coyoteattacksurvivor #goodestboy #sigsauer #furmissile ♬ Good Dogs – Jameson Rodgers

Social Media Praises Heroic German Shepherd Following Coyote Attack

Though Sig the German Shepherd will never be the same, he escaped the vicious coyote attack with his life. Unfortunately, even though Steve and his pups were walking in a public space in their neighborhood, coyotes and other wild animals are becoming more brazen with ever-expanding human developments encroaching on their habitats.

The most common reason for animal attacks is desensitization to humans through feeding. Now, no one is hand-feeding coyotes. However, wild animals are often attracted by cat food left out for neighborhood strays, including coyotes.

In response to the post showing Sig’s gruesome injuries, viewers responded with well-wishes for both Steve and Sig and rightfully heralded the German Shepherd as a hero.

“Wow and it looks like he would have defended to the death, but so happy to see [it] didn’t go that far. He’s a hero!!” one user wrote. “As a grown man, this choked me up. Not gonna lie. He laid it all on the line and [was] happy to do so. He’d do it again and again. They’re the BEST,” another said.