British Student Gored by 2,000-Lb Bison in South Dakota Forced to Fly Home Amid Recovery

by Taylor Cunningham

The 19-year-old British student who was left paralyzed after a Bison attacked her while visiting South Dakota has been forced to fly back to the UK after her insurance company halted financial support.

The student, Amelia “Mia” Dean, has been in a US hospital since June 16th. But today (Aug 11), her mother confirmed with MailOnline that Amelia flew home by air ambulance.

Initially, Mia was denied funding for a nerve graft surgery at the Mayo Clinic that could have saved the use of her left leg. After that, her family opened a gofundme page with the hopes of raising enough money to cover the costs. But those hopes were dashed when the company said it was going to withdraw all further funding. And it offered Mia one chance to fly home on its dime.

“The insurance company has given us an ultimatum: to fly Mia home by air ambulance this weekend, after which they will withdraw funding for her case,” Jacqueline and her husband Matthew wrote on the gofundme page last week.

The Family is Considering its Options After an Insurance Company Left it Without Funding to Repair Damages Caused by Bison

The bison attack left Mia in critical condition. And when the animal gored her, it severed her femoral artery and caused catastrophic damage to her tibial and peroneal nerves.

Jacqueline and Matthew believed that Mayo would have given Mia a better chance for a full recovery. But they had to leave after realizing that they couldn’t survive on donations alone.

“Since launching this fundraiser, Mia’s situation has changed and we have had to make some difficult decisions,” the page continues. “Our daughter’s health is our top priority and we want to get her home as safely as possible.”

“If we choose to stay in the US and follow this route, we are then potentially left stranded,” they added. “With so many unknowns for her future treatment needs, we feel we have little choice but to cancel Mia’s appointments at the Mayo Clinic next week.”

The Daily Mail reported that Mia is currently recuperating at her family home in Brockham, Surrey. As it stands, NHS doctors are trying to decide on a plan for future treatment to repair the damages left by the bison. But if they cannot offer the avid dancer the same chance at regaining mobility, she may return to the US.

“We may have to consider coming back to the Mayo Clinic, should it become necessary,” Jacqueline admitted. “It’s gutting, but we have to do what is best for Mia’s recovery with so little hard information available.”