Bull Elk Killed on Side of Wyoming Highway, Head & Antlers Sawed Off

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to the outdoors, poachers are the worst of the worst. A bull elk was recently killed and left to waste in Wyoming. On the side of a highway, a carcass laid with no head, no antlers. They had been sawed off and the rest of the body was left to rot. It’s something that happens way more than it should. Wildlife officials will be wanting to know who was behind this.

Wyoming-based site Cowboy State Daily was able to confirm the details of the scene with Wyoming Game and Fish Department officials. The animal was killed on August 5 or 6, and it is possible that it was shot from the highway. However, that has not been confirmed.

“It is unfortunate this elk was taken out of season and left to waste,” the Laramie Game and Fish regional supervisor said. “We are asking for the public’s assistance with bringing forward information about this investigation.”

Just outside of the town of Wheatland, Game and Fish officials responded to the headless bull elk. They described the animal as a “mature bull.” Wyoming Highway 34 was the final resting place of the poor animal. This is just all kinds of illegal, by the way.

Not only did this poacher or poachers kill this animal out of season, they also left a ton of meat to waste away. A big no-no in the state. All edible portions of a big game carcass are to be harvested according to the law.

So, it seems that this will be investigated. Maybe there are folks with information out there. When you have poaching going on, they usually don’t learn their lesson until they get caught. I’m sure whoever this was will try it again, and they might not be so lucky.

New Mexico Poachers Take Bull Elk, Others and Face 17 Charges

If we take this and go to the American Southwest, we will see a group of poachers who got what they had coming to them. There are all kinds of ways to poach, and none of them are good. So, what did these folks do that was so horrible? They used dogs to attack and hunt these elk. When it came down to it, game wardens just needed one tip to get these criminals.

“It is great how one tip can turn into a much larger case that was such an egregious poaching case by multiple people,” Kurt Felix with the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish explained. “Modern poaching is rarely about feeding a family, and it should not be confused with hunting. Hunting is a legal activity, and poaching is a crime.”

While these poachers were caught, they did some damage. Just like the Wyoming incident, this group did what they wanted, killed the animals, and then left them there to rot. A waste of life and meat. And for what exactly? Poach and you get what’s coming to you. Like 17 different charges. So, just keep the hunting legal, y’all.