Bystanders Rescue Two People After Kayaks Overturn on Oregon River

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Bystanders were able to rescue two kayakers, one of whom was critically injured, after their kayak overturned in the Deschutes River. The couple’s kayak happened to overturn at Cine Falls State Scenic Viewpoint. That’s located west of Redmond, Oregon, and this happened on Tuesday afternoon.

First responders were dispatched to a water rescue, according to KTVZ, around 4:20 p.m. This happened after a witness saw the kayak overturn in the river. The man and woman in it were struggling to get out of the water, Oregon State Police said. A male kayaker pulled his companion to the shore, according to troopers. Yet she had been underwater for a period of time and lost consciousness.

Kayak Emergency Called For Resources Of Oregon State Police

Those bystanders on the shore started CPR and also called 911, Oregon State Police said. Jason VanMeter, who is the Blake Butte Ranch Police Chief, said an Oregon State Police trooper in the area arrived in minutes. That trooper took over resuscitation efforts. Soon, Redmond Fire & Rescue medics arrived. They took the woman to St. Charles Redmond, Oregon State Police said. They add that she remains in critical condition on Wednesday.

VanMeter also said on Wednesday that the trooper’s car was behind his on Highway 126. They heard the call, so both of them did a U-turn and were “there within 35, 40 seconds.” “The bystanders flagged us down, got us to the patient, where they’d been doing CPR,” VanMeter told the TV outlet. “They were doing everything they could have possibly done — giving great directions to where they were. The chain from the people who reported it to the call-taker to the dispatcher was flawless.”

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VanMeter also said he and the trooper actually traded off performing CPR on the woman. That was until Redmond Fire medics arrived, put the woman in the ambulance, and continued efforts to revive her. Both kayakers were wearing life vests, too.