California Hunter Found Dead in Colorado Back Country After Going Missing

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Patrick Lienin

Authorities recently found the body of a 64-year-old hunter from California on Saturday after spending the night missing in the Colorado backcountry. The tragic finding comes from a news release from the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the release, after crews got reports of a missing hunter in the area, teams from the sheriff’s office and San Miguel County Search and Rescue were dispatched to the Dry Creek Basin area outside of Norwood on Saturday morning at around 5 a.m.

“The 64-year-old California man left to go hunting by himself Friday afternoon with plans on returning to his group of family and friends around sunset at their campsite. When he didn’t return, the group conducted a search but did not locate him. They called dispatch at 5 a.m. this morning,” the release revealed.

As crews were dispatched, the family and friends began their search. Sadly, their investigation led them to the hunter’s body. According to the release, there were no signs of trauma.

“A SAR team was then inserted into the field to bring the man out of the backcountry. The San Miguel County Coroner will be investigating the cause of death. The Sheriff’s Office extends condolences to the man’s family,” the release stated. The coroner will investigate the cause of his death.

The body of Colorado elk hunter found thanks to helicopter crews

Recently, authorities found the body of a missing elk hunter has been found in a similar stretch of Colorado backcountry. According to reports, Calvin Prochnow, 69, of Grand Junction, Colorado, was reported missing on October 30 after being separated from his hunting friend and partner. Later, officials in a helicopter found his body on Tuesday, November 1, after a grueling three-day search.

According to outlets, the elk hunter left his backpack and his phone in his car before heading out into the Black Canyon area of rural Montrose County with his rifle to go hunt.

The search began after he never went to a pre-arranged meeting later that afternoon. Efforts to find the man included help from the western Colorado communities of Montrose, Ouray, Gunnison, and Delta, along with agents from the Colorado Parks & Wildlife and the Colorado Division of Fire Control and Prevention.

Later, 75 search and rescue members combed over 1,300 acres to find Prochnow. Finally, on Tuesday, at around 3:30 p.m., a flight crew spotted a body in rugged terrain in Red Canyon.

The following day, an investigator and a coroner went to the site of the remains. Later, they identified his remains and moved his body to a location where the helicopter could safely retrieve him.

His cause of death is pending an autopsy, but no foul play is suspected.