California Man Says Meteor That Fell From the Sky Destroyed His Home

by Taylor Cunningham
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A Nevada County, California, man lost his entire home on Friday to a meteor that was compared to a “flaming basketball.”

NBC News affiliate KCR3 reported that residents of a remote cattle ranching community witnessed the fireball around 7:30 pm on Nov. 4. And right around that time, Dustin Procita watched his home suddenly burst into a blaze.

“[I] heard a big bang,” he shared. ” I started to smell smoke, and I went onto my porch. And it was completely engulfed in flames.”

Footage captured by several different people shows the massive ball shooting from the sky and striking the ground right around Procita’s house. While officials haven’t confirmed the source, they can’t find any other logical explanations.

“They said it was a meteor,” Procita continued. ” I was watching meteor showers and stuff as a kid. But I definitely didn’t look forward to them landing in my yard or through my roof.”

It took hours for the Penn Valley Fire Department and Cal Fire to extinguish the resulting flames. His pickup truck also completely burned as well as much of the surrounding land.

The ‘Flaming Basketball’ Likely Came From the Southern Taurids Meteor Shower

Captain Josh Miller of the local fire department was on the scene and has been investigating the flames. When he began speaking to witnesses, he didn’t take the meteor theory seriously. But now, he’s rethinking his assessment.

“I did not see what it was,” he told the outlet. “But from everybody I talked to, it was a flaming ball falling from the sky, and it landed in that general area.”

“I had one individual tell me about it first,” he continued. “And I was like ‘okay,’ and I put it in the back of my mind. But then more people—two, three, four more—started coming in and talking about it.”

Friday night happened to be the peak of the Southern Taurids meteor shower. So there were more eyes on the sky and a much higher chance of an actual meteor landing.

Dustin Procita didn’t actually see the meteor that crossed through the atmosphere until KCRA News showed him a video. As he watched in awe, he simply said he was grateful he was far enough away from the impact site to survive.

Now that he and his wife are searching for memories in the rubble, they’re holding onto that grateful feeling and looking at the positive side of an otherwise tragic situation.

“They said it’s a one in four trillion chance [that a meteor can strike you or your home],” Procita added. “So, I guess I might be buying a lottery ticket today,”