California Man Speaks Out After Great White Shark Attack During ‘Sharktober’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Jared Trainor heard the local stories, about how the folks in this California coastal town referred to October as “Sharktober.” That’s because of shark attacks.

Everyone there knows not to surf along this stretch during the month. And Trainor told Fox News Digital that he was considering the warning when he parked at the beach last Sunday. He still wanted to surf the waves off of the Ferndale, Calif. beach. A friend even called him to suggest another surfing spot.

He even noticed that the seals were hanging out in the shallow water. That usually is a warning of a potential shark attack. Still, Trainor stayed in the water.

“I must’ve been in the water for 10, not even 15, minutes,” Trainor recalled. “The first set of waves came through. I paddled past them and sat on my board. And then I was kind of having that ominous feeling anyway, and, next thing I knew, I was underwater.”

Yes, it was a shark attack. An attack by a Great White shark. He said he felt his right leg getting “chomped on.” He still thought it was a seal doing the damage. Wrong again. Trainor said he used his left leg to push away what was biting him. Plus, he still had his surf board beneath him, which protected his body from another attack.

As he started swimming towards the beach, another surfer helped him and then called an ambulance. Trainor, at this point, still didn’t realize he’d just experienced a very serious shark attack.

“I didn’t realize how badly I’d been injured,” Trainor said. “And when the fire department came, they tied a tourniquet to my leg, and when they cut off my suit, that’s when I saw the … bite marks in the board. And I started to realize that it was, in fact, a shark.”

He continued: “I just remember saying, ‘Holy s–t, that was a shark!’ I can’t believe that was my worst fear, and it happened.”

The great white was an estimated 13 feet long. Doctors told Trainor, a 31-year-old farmer, he was lucky to be alive. He got to return home to his wife and young son. The shark attack left some damage, but nothing that won’t heal. He suffered six lacerations on his right thigh. The shark bite also tore his MCL, one of the knee’s major stabilizers. Plus, the shark munched bone when he clamped down on Trainor’s leg.

Trainor said his surgeon also is an active surfer, who told him how close the shark came to nipping his femoral artery. That would’ve likely brought about cardiac arrest. But Trainor is home now, with a wild story to tell about a shark attack. His has a happy, albeit painful, ending.