California’s Mosquito Fire Destroys 25 Homes While Continuing To Grow

by Megan Molseed

The wildfires raging in one California area are continuing to grow as 25 homes have already been destroyed. The raging California Mosquito fire is only partially contained at this point as it unrelentingly spreads within and around the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The California Mosquito Fire Grew Quickly Amid Unprecedented Heatwave

Starting amid an unprecedented heatwave earlier this month, the Mosquito blaze is the largest one currently burning within the state of California. The dry and hot conditions quickly fed the flames, growing the wildfire. Nearly as many as 49,000 acres have been torched as the blaze spreads. California’s El Dorado and Placer counties have been hit hard. So far, Cal Fire officials note, only about 16 percent of the fire has been contained.

Now smoke from the Mosquito fire is advancing beyond the California borders. A recent time-lapse video on Reno, Nevada’s National Weather Service Twitter page shows smoke billowing over the California borders and into Nevada. The smoke has created hazardous conditions throughout the region including within the Tahoe Basin and Reno as of early this week.

“Watch until the end!” the NWS Reno Twitter page exclaims in a recent Twitter post.

“Smoke from the #MosquitoFire came racing into Reno/Sparks this afternoon,” the NWS Reno’s tweet continues. “Smoke is expected to linger in the Tahoe Basin and Greater Reno/Sparks/Carson City/Minden areas through tomorrow.”

The California Fire Destroys Multiple Homes As Residents Flee The Area

As the Mosquito fire’s flames advanced into the California mountain communities it began to engulf homes. Eventually destroying over two dozen residences as the flames continue to rage. More than 11,200 people have left their properties, fleeing for safety. Authorities predict that at least 5,800 properties are facing threats related to the flames.

The California fire also began to push deeper into the denser forest areas of the state as of Monday evening. And, authorities are expecting further fire issues to emerge among what they call “historically dry fuels.”

California’s Temps Drop Helping Officials Battle The Raging Blaze

Earlier this week, the fire crews facing the massive flames from the Mosquito fire took advantage of the recent cool temperatures. This was a welcome change after the state faced a massive heatwave making it more difficult than normal to tackle the flames.

California fire crews are battling as many as 12 separate wildfires right now. One of these has already scorched over 28,000 acres in Riverside county. The tropical moisture settling in and the cooling temps have helped crews temper these flames a bit. The fire is reported to be about 56 percent contained.

To the north, fire officials are starting to reign in the Mountain Fire. After blazing over nearly 13,500 acres over the last few days, this blaze is now about 65 percent contained.