Camel Bites, Drags Minnesota Zoo Worker 15 Feet in Shocking Incident

by Jonathan Howard

Even when the outdoors is contained in a zoo it can be dangerous. The Minnesota Zoo had a nippy camel that shocked visitors. While two zoo workers were working near the animal on Wednesday of this week, things went from bad to worse. Working with large animals like camels and other zoo creatures can be dangerous and that’s what these workers were reminded of this week.

Roger Blencker, 32 years old, had been moving the camel in order to get it sent off to another location. The camel, who must have been feeling peckish or was just in a bad mood, decided that Blencker’s head looked like a good snack. It placed the man’s head into its mouth and bit down.

Minnesota Zoo Workers Fight off Camel

Not an ideal situation. This was just the beginning of the awful situation, too. After the animal bit down, it decided to drag the poor worker for about 15 feet. At that point, Seth Wickson, a coworker got involved and was able to get the animal’s mouth open by using a plastic board. Not something you want to be doing.

After that Blencker did run away on his own accord and was able to get to safety away from the animal. However, the Minnesota Zoo worker had to be taken to the hospital. Although he was airlifted, the zoo said that Blencker had non-life-threatening and minor injuries. He will make a full recovery.

Wickson was also bitten on the head by the camel. However, he didn’t need medical attention after the fact.

Camels are wonderful animals, but like with any large beast, they can be very dangerous. This isn’t the only camel encounter gone wrong this year, A Tennessee incident turned deadly this March.

Camel Goes Wild at Petting Zoo, Killing Two

Just this past March, a camel in Tennessee went wild at a petting zoo. Unlike the Minnesota Zoo incident, this one ended much more tragically. While visitors were at Shirley Farms in Obion County, a camel got loose. Two men attempted to contain the animal however, they were unable to. The camel trampled them to death during the attempt.

Even when first responders and police arrived, the camel was wild. It kept attacking, going at police and their vehicles. In the end, the decision had to be made. The camel was put down. Camels are known for spitting, but when they are feeling threatened, they can really get mean. Biting, stomping, and using their body to knock you over are all things that they can and will do.

It’s so unfortunate what happened in Tennessee. Incidents like that seem to happen at the drop of a dime and no one knows when it’s coming. You can only do what you can in order to survive in the moment.