Chicago Aquarium Asks the Public’s Help in Naming Rescued Otter

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Hal Beral)

Officials at the famed Shedd Aquarium in Chicago are tasking the public with a very important role. Naming a recently rescued otter, one of the institution’s newest members.

According to officials at the Shedd Aquarium, two otters were rescued recently when discovered outdoors along the California coast. The two animals were just two weeks old at the time of the rescue. These rescued animals are currently known simply as Otter 929 and Otter 926. These names are temporary, however. Aquarium officials will be naming Otter 926. However, the public is invited to help come up with the perfect monitor for Otter 929.

Shedd Aquarium Officials Have an Important Question For the Public … What To Name This Adorable Otter

In a recent social media post, the officials at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium call on the public for help. Asking aquarium goers to help “us name an otter!”

“Earlier this month, Shedd welcomed two new female sea otters, Otters 926 and 929, to the aquarium,” notes a message on the Shedd Aquarium’s Instagram page recently.

The post notes that the “Shedd’s Animal Care Team is selecting a name for Otter 926. However, officials note, “you get the unique opportunity to help us name Otter 929!”

Museum officials then invite the public to check out the museum’s link on the Instagram page to vote for their favorite name. This link takes voters to the aquarium’s website which is currently allowing visitors to vote for one of three names: Sunny, Jade, and Willow.

These three names are each reference to locations in California, the state from which the pair was rescued. Sunny stands for Sunset Beach, Jade represents Jade Cove, and Willow is for the Willow Creek Picnic Area and Beach.

Are The Shedd Aquarium Officials Taking Suggestions?

While the Shedd Aquarium officials have named three suggestions for the public’s choice in otter names, some Insta users wonder if their own suggestions could possibly make the cut. One fan suggests that the aquarium officials choose to name Otter 929 after pop star Halsey. After all, this commenter points out, Halsey has a song called 929!

Then, the museum just up the road from the Shedd Aquarium, The Feild Museum tossed in another suggestion as well.

“Can we nominate Clam-ila as a name for a future furry friend?” the Feild Museum’s Instagram asks on the post.

One commenter found this to be the perfect opportunity to honor the late actor Leslie Jordan who tragically and unexpectedly lost his life earlier this week. “Beverly Leslie in honor of Leslie Jordan!” This, fans of the actor and comedian know well is the name of Jordan’s character on the smash hit NBC sitcom series, Will and Grace.

The winning name will be announced early next week on Tuesday, November 1, aquarium officials note.