City of Asheville, North Carolina Wants to Put Local Goats to Work

by Jonathan Howard

Officials with the city of Asheville, North Carolina are putting out help wanted ads… for local goats. They want locals to put their livestock to good use. Goats are great for clearing brush, unwanted vegetation, and plant material in the outdoors. They also provide great fertilizer as a result! Asheville knows the value of these animals and wants to get residents to participate.

Although goats are ruminant animals like cows, horses, pigs, and other hooved beasts they do have special eating powers. Take pokeweed bushes for instance. These plants are beautiful and produce great-looking purple berries. The only problem is that they are poisonous to many animals including humans.

Asheville Goat Herd Bidding Now Open

Cows are unable to eat the leaves of these plants, meaning they tend to avoid them and won’t clear them out. However, a goat is a little tougher for whatever reason and can take these plants to the ground, chomping away at the leaves and stalks, as long as they have plenty of other vegetation to eat.

Asheville has an overgrown lot that is overrun with vines, weeds, and all kinds of overgrown things. Kudzu is the main issue, as it is with many places in Appalachia. The city has an open invitation to bid for local herds. Communities in Appalachia and all over the country have started to turn to goats for this type of work.

A mesh electric fence can temporarily contain a herd of goats while they graze and tear away at the overgrown vegetation. Asheville has used this method multiple times in the past and is happy to do it again. Bids are open until October 3rd.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is your sign to get your own goats. Do it. You know you want to.

Goat Causes Trouble in Arizona

While goats can be put to work, sometimes they get bored. One goat, a buck named Billy in Arizona, caused a ton of trouble the other day. The animal got loose from wherever he came from and started to run all over the town of Tonopah. Usually, a goat can be subdued with a quick shake of the feed scoop, much like a house cat to the sound of a can opener. However, some animals are just stubborn and decide what they want to do.

While on the rampage, the goat damaged a garage door by ramming into it. Then, he chewed through an electrical cord and started to chase a person around their car. Police had to get involved and things escalated from there if you can believe it. As the goat was fighting with law enforcement, they had to get hobbles to keep the animal in place and from running away again.

Once the hobbles were in place, Billy decided to pee on the officer that had arrested him. So, who got the last laugh in the end after all? This goat was returned to where he was supposed to be and all was fine in the end. Except for the officer’s uniform… and that wire… and that garage door.