Climber Found Dead Following 200-Foot Fall From Seaside Cliff

by Emily Morgan

An experienced climber is dead after he plummeted 200 feet from a cliff. The man, believed to be in his 50s, was one of three climbers climbing at Dorset in the UK on Saturday afternoon.

It is currently unclear how high the climber was when he fell to his death, but he plummeted from “quite high” to the bottom of the cliff on the water’s edge.

After the tragedy, emergency officials and the air ambulance rushed to the scene but sadly, the man was pronounced dead upon arrival. According to reports, Guillemot Ledge is the highest section of the cliff along the whole of the Swanage coast. In addition, it’s a popular spot for experienced climbers.

According to climbing experts, the western-facing routes are among the most challenging and offer climbers “tough climbing in wild and exposed situations.”

Emergency officials arrived within eight minutes after initial call

The victim reportedly climbed the route with two other climbers when he took the plunge. Immediately after the fall, one person rushed to the bottom of the cliff to try to help him, while the other called emergency officials for help at around 5 pm.

Later, lifeboats, coastguard teams, a coastguard helicopter, and an air ambulance arrived within eight minutes.

They then carried the man in a stretcher to the lifeboat with casualty care carried out by lifeboat volunteers until two air ambulance paramedics got to the scene. Tragically, they later announced he didn’t survive the fall.

A spokesman for Swanage RNLI later said: “There were three climbers in total, one made their way to the bottom to help the casualty, and another was at the top and called for help.”

They added: “They were experienced climbers. I believe it was a tragic accident, possibly to do with a problem clipping on. I don’t know how far up the cliff he was, but I believe he fell from quite high to the water’s edge at the bottom.

They continued: “We checked over the other climber at the bottom, but he had not fallen and was fine. Our thoughts are with the casualty’s family and friends at this time.”

One climber dead, others injured after attempting Colorado’s deadly Capitol Peak

Earlier this month, another climber died while climbing Capitol Peak outside Aspen, Colorado.

Before the incident, a woman was climbing alone. Tragically, she fell 900 feet after grabbing onto a loose rock near Capitol’s summit. This happened shortly after she crossed the peak’s infamous “Knife Edge” ridge.

Then, tragedy struck the next day when a climber on the peak found themselves far off-route and ill-prepared. After calling for a rescue, on-foot crews and a flight team failed to locate him. However, he was finally found by a Blackhawk helicopter sent by the National Guard.

Then on September 5, a hiker was airlifted out north of Capitol Lake after hurting his ankle.