Coast Guard Saves Fisherman Clinging to Rock During Tropical Storm Earl in Heart-Pounding Video

by Megan Molseed

A heart-pounding video was shared on Twitter early this week as the Coast Guard saves a stranded fisherman. The fisherman was found clinging to a rock as tropical storm Earl continues to rage on creating treacherous conditions.

The Coast Guard Rescues Fisherman Stranded Amid Tropical Storm Earl

The Coast Guard rescued the stranded fisherman who was clinging to jagged rocks just off the Dog Island coast in the Caribbean amid Tropical Storm Earl. A call came for help after the unidentified 50-year-old became stranded after taking a 26-foot fishing boat out among the rocks on a spearfishing expedition.

However, the fisherman soon learned that the water wasn’t safe for the boat as the waves continued to intensify. Ultimately injuring and stranding the man in the water. A nearby friend witnessed the fisherman in distress and quickly called 911 for help.

“#Impressive,” notes the United States Coastguard Southeast Twitter page writes in a recent Twitter post. The post also features a clip of the harrowing weekend rescue.

“Watch this video of an MH-60T Jayhawk aircrew rescuing a spear fisherman in distress near Dog Island #USVirginIslands,” the post continues, noting that the video was “captured by the responding ⁦@USCG⁩ rescue boat crew!”

The United States Coast Guard Deployed A Rescue Boat And The Jayhawk Helicopter

Responding to the rescue call, the United States Coast Guard deployed a 33-foot Special Purpose boat as well as an MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter to come to the aid of the stranded fisherman. When the officials arrived, the crew on the boat tried to pass a line to the stranded and injured fisherman. However, the storm was raging on and the waves were far too forceful for the rope to reach all the way to him.

Next, the Jayhawk helicopter deployed a rescue swimmer trained in aircraft rescues. Fitted with a harness, the rescue swimmer was able to drop down to the injured fisherman. Bravely lifting the man to safety.

The Coastguard crew then landed at the nearby Cyril E. King airport which is located in St. Thomas. From there, the fisherman was transferred to the Schneider Regional Medical Center.

Tropical Storm Earl Wreaks Havoc Along The Puerto Rican Coast

Tropical Storm Earl raged just off the coast of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands since Monday morning. The event is creating heavy rainfall and dangerous swells making the water unsafe for boats.

“I’m proud of the crew,” notes Lt. Shea Smith, Coast Guard MH-60T Jayhawk aircraft commander.

“Everyone came together as a team to safely and efficiently execute the mission,” the commander continues. “Fortunately, the survivor was able to hang on until we could arrive, and we are all glad that he is safe.”