Coast Guard Searching for Survivors After Full Float Plane Crashes in Puget Sound

by Jonathan Howard

News broke today of a plane crash in Puget Sound. The Coast Guard is still searching for survivors in the aftermath of the wreck. There was at least one child and 8 adults on board the plane. It ended up crashing in Mutiny Bay, just near Whidbey Island in Washington state.

While there is still a search being conducted, at least one adult and child have died due to the plane crash. Since responding to the incident, the Coast Guard has conducted a search and investigation. There is no word on whether there are survivors.

First responders, Coast Guard, and others responded to the scene. Helicopters and boats have since filled the area as they look for any sign of life or survivors. The chances seem slim, but the work is going to continue until they can confirm what we all fear the most.

Coast Guard Responds

The U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Northwest did confirm the wreck on Sunday. In a tweet, the USCG informed that they had at least one dead and were trying to rescue others if possible.

“Crews responding to report of a float plane that crashed in Mutiny Bay, west of Whidbey Island, with 8 adults & one child aboard.”

Meanwhile, broadcaster Bruce Claggett was keeping up with the crash on maps.

“A military AS65 helicopter continues to circle the bay. 1 confirmed dead from the plane crash off Whidbey Island – no word on the other 8 or 9 passengers,”

With the search still underway, there is no telling what we might find out in the near future. However, there was a response from not just the USCG, but also first responders in the local area. There were people on social media claiming to have heard and seen the wreck.

According to those reports, the plane spun out into a nosedive, and when it made contact with the surface, it made a loud sound.

Plane Crash Shocks Community

In the replies to various tweets from the Coast Guard and local first responders, it is clear many people witnessed the plane crash. From folks enjoying the day by the water to those on the water fishing and doing other activities, it was something that was seen and heard by many. The local community seems genuinely shocked by the news and is hoping that something good might come of the search and rescue mission.

“We were out crabbing in Puget Sound,” one person on Twitter said in response to the tweet above. “When we heard distress calls and Coast Guard … sad day.”

This is a sad day indeed. Let’s hope that the search is fruitful and that there is a chance of survivors.