Colorado Bowhunter Emergency Airlifted After Getting Gored By Moose

by Tia Bailey

A Colorado bowhunter had to be airlifted to the hospital recently after being attacked by a moose.

The man tried to shoot a moose with an arrow, but the animal attacked and injured him. His GPS device sent a stress alert, which alerted rescuers to his location, according to 9News.

Sheriff’s office spokesperson Jenevieve Kramer shared a statement.

“Deputies located the hunter, who had hiked part of the way out of the campground by other hunters,” Kramer said. The publication says firearms were not involved.

There is no update as of right now on the man’s condition.

Moose are very common to see in the state. A Twitter user shared a few photos of moose they saw. They wrote: “We saw Moose on three separate occasions in #colorado. I found it interesting they were each feeding in a totally different way: in a pond eating aquatic vegetation; grazing in a meadow; and (not pictured) standing in a creek chomping on willow bushes. #nature #wildlifeWednesday.”

Moose Migrating to Nevada in Large Numbers

Recently, moose have been on the move elsewhere. And they have been doing it all on their own. According to the Nevada Department of Wildlife, this is the first time the animals have moved this way on their own with no help from humans.

NDOW Biologist Kari Huebner shared with the Reno Gazette-Journal, “We did absolutely nothing. It’s like the moose have chosen us. It’s something they’ve done completely on their own.”

According to the publication, Huebner shared that the number of moose is rapidly growing. “There’s a lot more moose habitat in Nevada than people realize,” she said.

Hunter Found Dead in Alaska

A moose hunter was found dead in Alaska recently. The death comes shortly after another moose hunter who went missing. Both went missing around the Lower Kuskokwim River.

Daniel “Wun Wun” Laraux initially went missing on September 1. Police found his body on September 9. Alaska State Police are investigating the cause of death.

There are also three other missing people, Shane McIntyre, Carl Flynn, and Justin Crow. The trio was delivering supplies to a moose hunting cabin on August 30 via boat, and they never returned home. Police believe that their boat sank in rough conditions, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

 Perry Barr, vice president of Bethel Search and Rescue, spoke to the Anchorage Daily News about the situation.

“If that’s the water conditions at that particular time, then the waves could be at that time 5 to 8 feet in height,” Barr said. “And we’re talking about a KingFisher Extreme Shallow boat with about 30-inch sides and an inboard. So they have that kind of boat out in those weather conditions — it’s pretty dire.”

The search for the missing people is still ongoing.