Colorado Camper Catches Fire, Gets Totaled and Damages 2 Other RVs

by Sean Griffin

An RV caught fire early on Sunday morning in Lakewood, Colorado. The RV was parked at Soda Lakes Lodge near Bear Creek Lake Park, according to a tweet from West Metro Fire which serves the area.

Crews responded to the scene swiftly after getting calls reporting smoke and flames near the park. They quickly extinguished the blaze, thankfully.

According to officials, the RV was a “total loss,” and two other RVs were damaged due to “heat exposure.” However, no injuries were reported in the incident.

Photos below show the melted and charred remains of the Colorado RV campers.

“WMFR early this morning on an RV fire at Soda Lakes Lodge near Bear Creek Lake Park,” the fire department wrote in a tweet. “Responding crews reported they could see smoke & flames up to a mile and a half away. RV is total loss, two other RVs had heat exposure damage. No injuries. Cause under investigation.”

However, West Metro Fire released an update on Sunday afternoon revealing the cause of the RV fire in Lakewood.

In a new tweet, the department explained how a fuel spill started the fire.

“The cause of the RV fire: while refueling a generator- some fuel spilled,” they wrote in an updated tweet. “When the generator was started- it back fired and ignited the spilled fuel. The motorhome is a complete loss.”

Colorado Wildlife Officials Untangle Huge Elk From Wire

In this viral footage from Estes Park in Colorado, wildlife officers tranquilize a huge elk and then untangle it from fence wire. The bull elk’s antlers were caught in wire mesh fencing that dragged behind him.

The Facebook post by “Estes Park News, Inc.” provided details of the encounter in the caption, which occurred on Tuesday, September 13th.

“Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Estes Park Police Dept. were notified,” the caption said. “Police officers and auxiliary members kept tabs on the animal’s location until help could arrive with emergency equipment to help this distressed bull.”

The caption went on to say that CPW then arrived. They assessed the situation and decided immobilizing the elk was the best route to freeing him from the wire.

The tranquilizer kicked in after a few minutes, and the elk fell down. Then, the caption says: “Colorado Parks and Wildlife manager determined he was sound asleep, rescue workers moved in with wire cutters and quickly freed the bull.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s official Facebook account also made a post about the incident. However, their video shared captures a different angle of the scene.

People online quickly reacted to the footage, taking to the comments to voice their opinions.

“Thank you to all involved in freeing this beautiful fellow from his entanglement! They are so powerful, so driven this time of year…I’m glad he will be able to continue!” one account said.