Colorado Search and Rescue Recovers Missing Paddler, Injured Hiker From Remote Regions

by Shelby Scott

Last Saturday marked an intense day for one Colorado Search and Rescue team. Thanks to their efforts, a missing paddler and an injured hiker were rescued from some of the state’s remote regions.

According to The Denver Gazette, the Colorado Search and Rescue team’s first recovery came when reports of a hiker that had endured an injury to a lower extremity came from the Mount Wilson area. San Miguel County’s air resources were crucial in the hiker’s recovery, helping to determine the individual’s exact location. Afterward, the injured hiker was rescued by Dolores County Search and Rescue. The team utilized a High Altitude Training Center Helicopter to complete the mission. The Colorado Search and Rescue team then transported the injured hiker to a nearby medical center.

San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office also detailed the second weekend rescue mission. After recovering the hiker, the search and rescue team was then called to help find a missing kayaker. The lost kayaker was found some distance from the hiker, located along the San Miguel River between Norwood and Naturita. Eventually, search and rescue found them nearer to the latter.

Per the outlet, the Colorado Search and Rescue team found the paddler ill-prepared for a continued trip. As such, they transported them out of the remote area.

Several organizations were involved in the search and rescue missions. They include the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office, San Miguel County Search and Rescue, the Dolores County Sheriff’s Office, Telluride Fire Protection District, and the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office.

Search and Rescue Mission Launched in Alaska Following Colorado Recovery Missions

Colorado’s latest search and rescue missions ended on a pretty positive note, with both the injured hiker and missing paddler returned home safely. However, following the Western state’s efforts, an Alaskan search and rescue mission has now. Recent reports state a Tennessee man went missing during a recent hunting trip.

61-year-old Steve Keel, of Dover, Tennessee, went on a hunting trip in Fairbanks, Alaska last week. And, now, almost a full week later, authorities have been forced to launch a search and rescue mission.

Per accounts from Keel’s hunting buddies, the group had set out on a caribou excursion on Saturday, August 20th. The group had been camping in a remote area of Alaska. Recalling their last siting of Keel, they last saw him on Saturday, August 27th when he left their site to gather more supplies. As we know, he never returned.

Now, as the state’s search and rescue teams hope to achieve the same results as those in Colorado, Keel’s son is making the long trip from Tennessee to Alaska. With the help of authorities, the worried man hopes to locate his missing father, stating his campsite had been located off of Dalton Highway, south of Deadhorse, near mile marker 336.5.