Colorado Search Teams Find More Human Remains 1 Mile From Skull Near Adams Park

by Shelby Scott

Last week, an out-of-state hunter discovered a human skull in Routt County’s Adams Park in Colorado. The hunter’s gruesome discovery then inspired a search by local search and rescue units. Amid their efforts, the teams located further human remains one mile away from where the skull was originally found.

According to Out There Colorado, the skull was initially located on Sunday, September 4th. Rescue teams involved in the search include crews from Routt County Search and Rescue and the Routt County Sheriff’s Office. News of the team’s latest discovery came from a press release from the Routt County Sheriff’s Office.

As of now, the investigation into the unnamed individual’s death continues. That said, however, authorities have reported no further information at this time. Nevertheless, online sleuths speculate that the recently-found remains belong to a missing camper named Jacob Cyr. The outlet reports Cyr was last seen at the “controversial” Rainbow Gathering event. The annual event took place in the Routt National Forest earlier this summer.

According to 9News, the annual Rainbow Gathering is a “non-organization of non-members.” The group of like-minded individuals comes together in peace and celebrates the importance of “interdependence and universal kindness. One attendee told the outlet that the annual event “renews” their faith as they come out “to pray for peace in the cathedral of Mother Nature.”

Whether or not the found remains belong to the missing Rainbow Gathering attendee, we can’t be certain. As of Monday, the Routt County Coroners’ Office had not released the individual’s identity.

Colorado Park is Not the Only National Park Turning Up Human Remains

Discovering human remains in our nation’s national parks is not unheard of, although no matter how many times it happens, it doesn’t become any less haunting. As stated, the human remains found in Adams Park, Colorado have yet to be identified. However, a few hundred miles away, at Nevada’s Lake Mead, investigators have located several sets of human remains in a bizarre string of new discoveries. Altogether, there have been five individuals located in and around the lake. So far, just one set of remains has been identified.

The unnerving number of human remains began turning up in the early summer months as Lake Mead’s water levels dropped to the lowest they’d been in nearly a century. The first set of human remains was discovered on May 1st, located, strangely enough, inside of a barrel. Authorities stated the long-dead victim died of a gunshot wound to the head likely in the late 1970s or early ’80s. Many locals attributed the unnamed victim’s death to Las Vegas’s history of organized crime.

Another individual, who disappeared beneath the waters of the massive U.S. lake two decades ago, was found a week later. Fortunately, though, authorities have, finally, been able to confirm the late swimmer’s identity.

Other human remains were located on July 25th, August 6th, and August 16th. Hopefully, investigators charged with identifying both the Lake Mead victims and the Colorado park victim are able to do so relatively soon.