Colorado Sheepherder Missing Overnight Found 15 Miles From Last Location

by Megan Molseed

A Colorado sheepherder has been found after disappearing overnight in Rio Blanco County. The sheepherder was missing through the night when they were lost outdoors within the Williams Fork area of the county notes the Sheriff’s Office.

Before disappearing on Monday, September 12, the sheepherder and his boss were corraling sheep on the top of Ripple Creek pass. The sheepherder’s employer continued gathering in the area while the employee went alone after a smaller group of sheep. The two had reportedly decided to reunite near the sheep corals by midday. However, the herder never showed up for the planned meeting.

Teams Searched For The Missing Sheepherder All Afternoon and “Into The Night”

According to a release recounting the incident that occurred in the Colorado countryside earlier in the week, The employed and other sheepherders set out searching for the missing employee.

“The herder never showed up,” the release states. The sheepherders and the management searched all afternoon for the missing herder, and “into the night,” the notice adds. Eventually, the manager reported the employee missing by 8:30 pm Monday. By Tuesday morning crews were out looking for the missing person.

“The search was put together by Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Tuesday morning,” the release notice states of the rescue efforts. In addition to sending out the teams, rescuers called in a Classic helicopter to assist in the recovery of the missing herder.

The Missing Person Was Found Roughly 15 Miles From Where They Were Last Seen

After the herder was reported missing Monday evening, the crews set out searching for the man. A tough task after he had been missing since disappearing on the job that same morning. Dedicated crews formed partnerships as they took to the land and the air in the vicinity. Focusing on the areas from which the herder disappeared, hoping to find the missing person as quickly as possible.

By Tuesday afternoon, however, the efforts paid off when crews located the herder. But it wasn’t an easy recovery for the crews. Eventually, the missing person was found nearly 15 miles down from where he was last seen. The recovery took place near the Williams Fork River which sits near Colorado’s Indian Run.

“Working as a team allows Rio Blanco County department heads to make quick decisions,” officials say of the brave rescue efforts. Reports also note that county employees were eager to assist in the search and rescue missions. Something that makes the county’s recovery efforts even stronger in an emergency situation such as this one. The crews also made sure to have an interpreter “readily available.” The goal, officials note was to be able to talk to the other sheepherders who only spoke Spanish.”