Colorado Springs Discovers, Relocates Bear Living Near Elementary School

by Joe Rutland

Colorado state officials discovered a bear that was near a school but officials did get on the cast and related it. According to a report, the bear was 6 years old and happened to be found in what’s being termed as “the heart” of Colorado Springs. The city is located about an hour or so south of Denver. Well, officials would have a comment about the situation on Twitter. “It was a short distance from a six-lane road and two busy intersections,” officials said on Tuesday. “Officers opted to tranquilize and move the bear.” These officials also indicated that the bear was a risk to drivers. How? It could have attempted to try and cross the road at some point. Also, because, according to Parks and Wildlife, the bear’s home was “in poor habitat.”

According to this report, the bear was released in the mountain area so that it could prepare for hibernation. No exact location for relocation was offered up by the state officials. It’s also worth noting that bears will be busy scouring the area they are in for food all over the place. Bears are reportedly entering a period in their life called hyperphagia, according to this report. It happens to be a period before hibernation where they will need to eat approximately 20,000 calories or more every single day. Where do they look for food? Well, some places will include picnic tables or even people’s homes. Officials also indicated that people could do some things to avoid attracting a bear. A couple of them include never feeding wildlife. Also, store all garbage in containers or bear boxes that would make it difficult for them to reach.

Man Thinks It’s A Good Idea To Charge Bear In Front Yard

Meanwhile, a bear of another sort was causing trouble. A black bear charged up against a man and caused some heart-pounding moments to take place. Let’s break down these circumstances a bit. Maybe the bear was not the real problem here. Apparently, a man saw a black bear in his front yard. He decided it would be a good idea to chase him down. Um, did you not really think through this situation, dude? Apparently not.

This dude in a viral video thought it would be cool to chase it down. Nope. That is not a good idea. In the video, this man sounded kind of tough. “Holy [expletive],” this man would say. “He tried to charge me. I’m not scared of you.” You know, there is bravery and then there’s not really bravery at all. When do you learn your lesson? So, the animal decided to back down and leave the guy alone. Still, the lesson here is pretty clear. Leave them alone.