Colorado Trout Record Broken for Third Time This Year With Angler’s ‘Really Special Fish’

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/invs572517)

A Lake City Colorado angler has broken the Colorado state record with a “really special fish.” This fishing record, however, has now been broken three times just this year. Matt Smiley reeled in the brook thought that weighs in at eight pounds, nine ounces early last month, notes a press release from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials.

The Colorado Angler Says The Experience Of The Record-Breaking Catch Has Been Surreal

The angler who pulled in the impressive record-breaking brook trout, Matt Smiley notes that catching the impressive fish was a surreal experience. And, Smiley adds, he won’t likely forget the moment he reeled in this really “special fish.”

“The experience of this catch has been surreal,” the Colorado angler says.

“And it took a few days to soak in,” Smiley adds in a statement with Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials. “It’s a really special fish.” 

The Trout Measured Over 26 Inches Long

Smiley, who works as a tackle salesman in Lake City, Colorado reeled in the special brook trout while fishing at Waterdog Lake last month. This area is located near Colorado’s Hinsdale county and is located within the picturesque Uncompahgre National Forest.

The special brook trout measured in with an impressive 26.25 inches in length. The fish boasts an impressive 16 inches in girth, the reports note.

Smiley adds that it was a tough decision to keep the brook trout. After all, he usually releases his catches at the end of a fishing expedition. However, this one was too good to throw back.

“I’ve released so many over the years,” Smiley tells wildlife officials.

“But it was one of those deals where I made a quick decision,” the angler relates. “And wanted to give this fish the recognition it deserves.”

Brook Trouts Were Introduced To Colorado In 1872 And Grow An Average Of 23 Inches Long

Officials introduced the impressive fish to the Colorado area about 150 years ago, according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife experts. These fish tend to grow to an average length of about 11 to 23 inches.

“It is a beautifully colored fish with pink or red spots surrounded by blue halos along the sides,” the Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials note of the species. The trout also boasts a “distinctive marbled pattern over an olive-green back.” The trout which was introduced by the wildlife agency in 1872 is native to the Northeastern area of the US.