Colorado Wildlife Officials Searching for Buck With Huge Fence Pole Attached to Its Antlers

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Ingolf König-Jablonski/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are on the hunt for a particular buck right now. The officials are looking for a buck that was photographed with a fence pole stuck in its antlers. According to reports, the deer was photographed recently walking around Colorado’s Teller County. The fence pole wrapped within the animal’s massive antlers.

According to the officials at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the buck they are looking for was spotted walking around Rampart Range Road Friday afternoon in the Colorado wilderness. Officials note that the buck is still able to get around. The animal has been seen running and jumping fences.

However, this makes helping the buck very difficult as he remains difficult to catch. A catch that is necessary because the fence post could create plenty of issues. Including trapping the buck as the massive pole may get caught in any number of objects. If the deer ends up being trapped with no intervention it could face deadly consequences such as starvation or injury.

“For now [it] is highly mobile,” the Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials note in a statement. The message goes on to note that the buck has been seen “running, jumping fences.”

All of this makes the animal “impossible to catch,” officials continue. The message goes on to note that if anyone sees the buck trapped they are urged to get ahold of wildlife officials.

Officials Warn of Tangle Hazards After Spotting Buck With Fence Pole Tangled in Its Antlers

This event has moved wildlife officials in Colorado to speak out warning residents of potential hazards in their yards. Homeowners are urged to assess the tangle hazards to protect area wildlife. Some of these areas could include decorations, nets, and a variety of other items.

“Holiday decorations, hammocks, volleyball nets, and various other items can all present problems when animals get tangled up in them,” Colorado wildlife officials note. The wildlife group adds that it is a tricky process to “tranquilize deer to help free them of obstructions.”

Holiday Decoration Leads Deer To Break Into Home Hoping To “Romance” Plastic Reindeer

Tangle concerns are what surround many holiday decorations. However, one Wisconsin family learned recently that there are other concerns surrounding deer and yard decorations.

The Wisconsin couple got quite the fright when a confused deer came crashing into their home one evening. The deer panicked once inside and trapped itself upstairs while officials responded to the incident. The deer created havoc in the residence as it desperately tried to escape. Eventually, however, the DNR officials were able to lead the animal down the stairs and out the front door.

Officials aren’t sure what prompted the buck to break into the house. However, they have an idea of what drew it to the property in the first place. They believe a holiday reindeer decoration may have looked like a good mate to the buck. The family agrees with this assumption as well.

“This is Dasher and Prancer,” says Sue Sujecki one of the home’s residents.

“And Prancer had an unwelcomed suitor,” she quips.