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Connecticut Mother Speaks Out About Saving Daughter From Raccoon Attack After Viral Video

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Last week on Friday, December 2nd, a Connecticut mother was forced to confront a wild raccoon as it attacked her daughter. Fortunately for both Logan and Rylee MacNamara, they survived the incident relatively unscathed.

Logan MacNamara heard her daughter Rylee scream on Friday while she waited on the front porch for her school bus. When MacNamara rushed outside to figure out what had caused the commotion, she found a raccoon attacking Rylee. She quickly sprung into action.

Now, the Connecticut mother is now being hailed a hero by many across the country after video of the incident went viral.

MacNamara recalled the scene on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. She said her initial thought was that Rylee had shut her hand on the door, causing her to scream.

“I never in a million years would have thought there was going to be a rabid animal wrapped around her leg,” MacNamara told the host.

The video of the incident shows Rylee standing on the front door steps, terrified of the raccoon. She kicks as hard as she can at the raccoon. MacNamara then opened the door and pulls it off her daughter, tossing the raccoon in the yard.

“I just ran and jumped into action,” she said of her motherly instincts kicking in.

It’s clear in the footage that the raccoon grabbed a hold of MacNamara’s shirt for a moment. She can be seen trying to get Rylee in the house, and she also says she was keeping her dogs from getting outside. MacNamara did all this while holding and fending off the raccoon.

She said the two came away with minor injuries, but were released from the hospital later that afternoon. Both are receiving a series of rabies vaccines.

Neighbors ‘Disturbed’ by Shocking Raccoon Attack

“We just got a couple of scratches,” she said. “[Rylee] has a few puncture wounds on her leg, but it definitely could have been a lot worse.”

The raccoon, however, has still not been located. Animal control showed up that morning hoping to locate the animal. However, they ended their search after nothing turned up. Hopefully, the raccoon doesn’t turn up again. Neighbors are worried about the possibility of the rabid animal returning.

Their neighbor Jessica Gessay says the incident comes as no surprise to her.

“These woods around here… I fear them. There’s things out here. Animals, wild animals things like that,” said Jessica.

Another neighbor also spoke about how the event has shocked the neighborhood. “It’s disturbing that it would be that close to our houses,” added Dave Frank, Ashford.

MacNamara says that they’ve put up a trap in hopes of catching it. “We’ve been trying to find it. We have a trap outside that[‘s] still empty. We haven’t caught anything in it yet,” she said.

MacNamara said her “motherly instinct” is to thanks for the quick action that left many viewers so impressed.

“When you hear your kid scream like that, it doesn’t matter what’s going on, you’re going to save your kid,” she said.