Couple Gets Roasted Online After Turning Entire Waterfall Blue for Gender Reveal

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Gender reveal parties went from being very trendy to pretty frowned upon. A couple recently received backlash online following their harmful gender reveal.

The couple, located in Brazil, incorporated a local waterfall into their gender reveal. They shared photos of the Queima-Pé River, which they had dyed blue to announce the birth of their son.

The waterfall is located near the Tangará da Serra municipality, and is a popular spot for tourists to visit. Because of this, many were angry that the couple had messed with the waterfall.

According to the New York Post, residents have shared that the Queima-Pé River is residents’ main source of water. The town has also recently suffered from a drought. Now, to make matters worse, residents fear that the water has been contaminated from the dye.

Many expressed a want for the couple to face charges of environmental crime.

Environmental engineer Vanessa Costa commented, saying: “Congratulations…you will be the parents of a beautiful environmental crime.”

The secretary for the environment of the state of Mato Grosso released a statement on the matter. Grosso reassured people that the department will investigate the couple. If they committed an environmental crime, the department will file charges.

“The inspection will investigate the environmental damage caused by the material thrown into the water,” the statement read. “If there is an environmental crime, those responsible will be charged and may be held accountable for an environmental crime.”

As of today (Tuesday, September 27), no charges have been made.

Buffalo Bills WR Helps with Gender Reveal

Although many believe gender reveals are outdated, others are okay with them — so long as they cause no harm. The first game of the NFL season provided a unique, fun gender reveal.

Wide Receiver Isaiah McKenzie scored a touchdown, and ran to a camera. Once up close enough, he says “It’s a boy!”

A TikTok provides more context. In the video, McKenzie’s family is watching from home, and break out into cheers when he announces the gender. It turns out that he was the one to announce the gender of his sister’s baby.

The reveal was sweet and fun, and definitely something most people haven’t seen done before.

The Buffalo Bills shared the video to their official TikTok account. They captioned the clip: “Football and family. #nflkickoff #genderreveal #billsmafia.”