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Cow Finally Captured After Four Months on the Loose on Long Island

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images)

Four months after it escaped from a farm a New York’s Long Island, the cow has been officially recaptured safely on a nearby golf course. 

UPI reports that the Strong Island Animal Rescue League teamed up with Skyland’s Animal Sanctuary and Rescue as well as K-9 Search and Rescue to track down the cow for four months. The animal previously escaped from Jerry’s Farm in Manorville. “4 months ago she escaped the angel of death, she has been on the loose since. Thanks to the efforts of Three organizations Skylands animal sanctuary, K-9 Search and rescue and Strong Island animal rescue she is safe tonight.”

It was noted that there three teams, consisting of four people, worked together for the goal to capture the cow. “Thank you to the 7th precinct for all the tips and help as well Teamwork saved her.”

Frankie Floridia of the Strong Island Animal Rescue League shared that the rescuers had been monitoring cameras that were set up at a Manorville golf course. This was where the cow droppings had been discovered. Floridia and Mike Stura of the Skylands Sanctuary were able to finally catch the animal on Wednesday (December 14th). They were also able to load her into the trailer.

Jerry’s Farm owners say that the cow, now known as Vienna, had been a pet on the farm. She was considered for breeding but not for slaughter. They agreed to give the animal to the Skyland Sanctuary.  

Strong Island Animal Rescue League Says the Cow Rescue Was ‘Totally Worth It’ 

In a new Facebook post, the strong Island Animal Rescue League spoke about the rescue of Vienna the cow. “As Billy Joel sings, ‘Vienna waits for you,’” the post reads. “And this beautiful girl sure made us wait. Four months, calling a Manorville golf course her home after escaping a slaughterhouse, Vienna the cow waited for all of the people that were trying to catch her. She waited for the perfect night. She waited for right before a nor’easter to hit Long Island, just to add that extra stress to her rescuers.”

The organization further explained that while the cow didn’t make it easy, her rescue was totally worth it. “From the beginning, we knew the man with the plan would be Mike Stura from Skylands Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. We don’t think there’s anyone on this earth who loves cows as much as him. He had the right equipment, the knowledge on how they operate, and ultimately, the most perfect home that this traumatized cow could live out the rest of her life.”

The organization also shared details about the night of the cow’s rescue. “Once loaded onto the trailer after safely being trapped behind two doors inside of the capture pen, Vienna watched as all of her saviors hugged and celebrated,” the post reads. “And she was on her way to paradise.”