WATCH: Cowboys Wrangle Bison That Escaped From Veterinarian’s Property in Texas

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Cowboys on horseback from Central Texas helped authorities in the city of Belton corral, tranquilize, and capture a loose bison. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon, October 25th.

Paul Romer, a spokesperson with the City of Belton, said the animal belongs to a local rancher. He reported that it escaped from a veterinarian’s office on 6th Avenue at about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

It happened near the busy downtown area. However, the incident could’ve been worse. Romer said that “we’re grateful it didn’t go near a school bus.”

“I’ve been working in Belton for 10 years now and nothing like this has ever happened. Thank goodness nobody got injured on the interstate. It was very scary to have this animal on the loose.”

An animal control officer immediately reached out to veterinarians and cowboys for assistance.

The bison was spotted in an area with thick brush and struck with a tranquilizer.

That, however, did not stop the animal. Then, dogs were brought in to help cowboys on horseback continue tracking it down.

The bison was spotted again and struck with another round of tranquilizers. It was eventually corralled and captured near I-14 at about 1:30 p.m.

“The bison is okay,” Romer said,” It’s a good day. The buffalo is safe and no one got hurt.”

Central Texans who spotted the animal also chimed in on social media throughout the morning. They helped to provide updates on its location while authorities worked to capture the animal.

British Student Speaks Out About ‘Freak Accident’ Bison Attack in South Dakota

Recently, a young woman named Amelia Dean suffered a bison attack where she was gored by a horn and flipped fifteen feet into the air.

“He approached me so quickly,” Amelia Dean began. “I don’t know how long it was, but it was under ten seconds,” she said.

The bison attack occurred on Day 2 of Dean’s cross-country road trip with a friend. They were hiking at Custer State Park in South Dakota. The pair wanted to walk around the nearly two-thousand-pound animal. However, the bison began charging at them from over one hundred yards away.

“I panicked, and I froze. And then he stopped right in front of me,” the British teenager said from her hospital bed. “And we kind of looked at each other. I looked right into his eyes for a few seconds. And he looked at me, and he was kind of breathing heavily. And then he just bumped into me.”

The bison’s horns pierced Dean’s left thigh. The injury left Dean paralyzed below the knee after causing damage to her artery.

“I can’t really blame the bison,” Dean said. “We were doing everything we should’ve been doing. It’s just a freak accident. It happens sometimes. They are wild animals, you never know. Amelia, who goes by Mia, is now back in the UK after taking a medical flight with her family.

She stayed in a United States hospital for six weeks. However, the teen still has yet to fully recover from her injuries. She will likely need surgery to repair nerve damage in her leg, which is still paralyzed below the knee.

However, Dean has a very positive outlook on the situation, and we wish her the best on her road to recovery.