Coyote Chases Child Walking Dog, Massachusetts Town on High Alert

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

One New England community is on high alert as multiple coyote sightings have left residents on edge. One of the most recent incidents includes a coyote following and then chasing, a young child as she was walking her dog.

According to officials from the Hingham area of Massachusetts, members of the community have had several encounters with these wild animals in recent days. However, this most recent encounter has the community a little extra on edge, worried for the safety of the residents.

Massachusetts Residence Recall Terrifying Incident As Coyote Chases A Young Girl

In a recent report, residents of the Massachusetts town recall how one of the recently spotted coyotes appeared to be stalking one girl as she was walking her dog. “The coyote went after her,” one witness recalls.

The terrifying moment was captured on a home security camera. In the footage, we can see the coyote running toward the girl on one of the neighborhood streets. The man, Chris Tomecek witnessed the incident and, as the coyote advanced, he stepped outside yelling at the coyote to move along. Tomecek remembers how before he stepped out towards the wild animal it was quickly beginning to “pick up speed.”

“She Was Just So Scared”

Some of the local children recall watching the moment that their terrified friend was being chased by the coyote. It was a moment they will not be forgetting anytime soon.

“We saw a friend just sprinting down the street with her dog,” recalls Jake LeBretton of the horrifying incident.

“And we’re like: ‘What’s happening?'” LeBretton relates. LeBretton goes on to recall how it was just seconds later when he noticed the “giant coyote just sprinting after her.”

“She’s just screaming,” LeBretton says. “She was just so scared.”

The Animals Do Not Appear To Be Sick And Have Not Yet Attacked A Person

Thankfully, the observant neighbors likely stopped an attack from happening that day. Neither the girl nor her dog was harmed in the encounter. However, this terrifying incident occurred just a few days after another resident, Alison Fabella had her own close call with a coyote.

“It turned and it began to pursue myself,” Fabella recounts of her experience with one of the wild coyotes. Fabella adds the coyote was also pursuing her dog. Animal Control officials were quick to respond to both incidents. However, they are facing only limited options at this point. This, experts note is because the coyotes have not yet attacked a person and they do not appear to be sick. But neighbors are urged to be on high alert and to take precautions.

“I’m not going to let our kids out unsupervised any longer,” says Matt LeBretton of the terrifying incidents.

“We kiss our kids goodbye in the morning,” he says. LeBrewtton goes on to note that when they send their kids to school they don’t “think they might be food for coyotes.”