Crocodile Mauls Man to Death, Drags His Body Through River in Horrifying Incident Caught on Camera

by Emily Morgan

A family is mourning the loss of their loved one after a crocodile mauled the man to death. The man, 30-year-old Imran Diwan, visited the Dhadhar River in Sokhdaraghu Village in Gujarat, India, on August 7 before a crocodile dragged his body under the water’s surface later that day.

Local media reports theorize he may have slipped before falling into the dangerous, croc-filled water. In horrifying footage of the incident, reporters can see the lifeless man lying above the water’s surface as he moves along the muddy river.

In something out of a horror movie, the victim rolls onto his back in a matter of seconds, and you can see the perpetrating crocodile. It appears to be dragging the man’s body towards the shore. Shortly later, the ravenous reptile fully reveals itself and pulls the dead body underwater as a crowd of nearby villagers watch in horror.

According to reports from outlets, residents tried to rescue the man. However, they were sadly unable to remove the man’s body from the jaws of the murderous reptile. Once the fire department arrived, they spent hours searching for the man. 

Imran’s brother, Javed, said mournfully: “He had gone to a dargah that is located right on the river bank. I think he must have slipped from the parapet and fell in the river.” He added: “The reptile caught hold of [him] and dragged [him] away.”

Officials spend hours searching for man after crocodile mauls his body

Finally, Diwan’s remains were recovered around 10 pm. Once officials pulled his body from the water, they made a grim discovery. The crocodile had ripped his shoulders apart, according to officials. 

“We are trying to find out how the victim ended up in the river, as locals witnessed the attack only after he was already inside the water,” Deputy conservator of forests Ravirajsinh Rathod said. According to the man’s family, Diwan had gone to a shrine near the river bank.

“I think he must have slipped from the parapet of the dargah [Muslim shrine] and fell in the river. The reptile caught hold of it and dragged it away (sic),” his brother Javed Diwan told The Times of India daily.

However, several locals believe the man may have attempted to cross the river, which is home to dozens of crocodiles. 

Diwan is reportedly survived by his wife. Locals have also claimed the area is prone to fatal attacks from the reptile. Several similar incidents have been reported in the area in the past.

While there has been a significant increase in crocodile attacks, a conflict with the reptile is still an infrequent occurrence. In addition, the number of fatal attacks hasn’t increased significantly, despite the increases in both the human and crocodile populations since 1971.