Dallas Flooding: Watch a News Crew Save Driver Trapped in Floodwaters

by Blake Ells

A Dallas flooding happened on Monday as storms swept through Texas. A news crew from a local FOX affiliate was on the scene and captured of a rescue. Check out the incredible footage below.

The heroic footage is captured by one FOX crew that seems to have stumbled upon an entirely different FOX weather crew. The weather crew wades into the treacherous waters and pulls a woman from a vehicle window that is submerged in water. The crew carries the woman through the waters to safety. It was captured on film just before 7 a.m. on Monday.

The woman lost control of her vehicle when she hit the deep waters in the Dallas flooding. She said that she didn’t realize how deep the waters were as she approached and that’s when the vehicle was submerged. She also couldn’t see because it was dark and there were no barricades on the other side. The incident happened near I-35 and Hi-Line Drive. The news station spoke with the weatherman about saving the woman from the Dallas flooding.

“She literally, as I was standing here setting up for the shot, guys, pulled in and didn’t realize it,” said Robert Ray. “The next thing you know, her car was floating. So I went out there and tried to push her vehicle as best I could.”

He said that he quickly realized he couldn’t move the vehicle. So he called an audible and saved the woman.

“I thought I was going to die,” the woman said. “Right then, I started panicking. I just wanted to get out of my car. I wanted to tell him thank you. He’s awesome. A blessing from God actually.”

Dallas Flooding the Latest Heavy Waters in the U.S. This Year

More than eight inches of rain led to Dallas flooding on Monday morning. Those storms continue to sweep across Texas, hitting Austin in Travis County, as well. Dallas expects to receive more bad weather throughout the evening.

The woman shared a message with FOX4 viewers about a lesson learned.

“Stay all the way safe and just be watchful of where you are going,” she said.

Or, as they say, “Turn around; don’t drown.”

The Dallas flooding is the latest in a series of devastating weather events out West this year. Zion National Park was also the victim of awful flood waters. So was Death Valley National Park. Floods swept through Las Vegas casinos and rushed the streets of Kentucky.

It seems to be something that is hurting our National Parks in an unusual way this year. Floods also devastated Joshua Tree National Park in California and Yellowstone in 2022. The flooding in Death Valley alone left 1,000 people stranded. Devastating storms seem to hit somewhere in America every day now.