Deer Breaks Into Wisconsin Home Hoping to Romance Plastic Reindeer

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: aheflin

Many Americans are getting their Christmas decorations ready with the holidays around the corner. However, for one Wisconsin couple, their attempt at spreading some holiday cheer may have backfired. According to reports, the couple was shocked when an unusual intruder broke into their home. In addition, the intruder had no intention of leaving in a hurry. As it turns out, the burglar was a deer eyeing their plastic reindeer as a potential mate.

“If you tell anybody, nobody can believe that a full-grown deer is trapped upstairs in your house and can’t find its way out,” Sue Sujecki said about the bizarre incident.

Earlier this month, the Sujecki family welcomed an uninvited guest when a full-grown buck plowed through their front door and into their living room.

“I didn’t realize it was a deer until it came out of the living room,” Richard Sujecki said. “It didn’t go through the door where it could have gotten out. Instead, it ran right past me and up the steps.”

The couple said the deer got scared and, as a result, trapped itself upstairs while trying to figure out an escape plan.

“He was bleeding from his mouth and his leg, and he looked through every window,” Sue Sujecki said.

She added that the deer tore apart their house while trapped, breaking glass and bleeding all over the place. In addition, the deer even poked holes in the ceiling with its antlers.

Couple recruits son, DNR to help remove deer from their home

“He was just trying to find a way out,” she said. Despite all its efforts, the deer couldn’t get out, and it was trapped upstairs for nearly three hours, panicky moving from room to room.

Later, their son and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources attempted to get the deer to calm down. For DNR Warden Eric Anderson, he couldn’t believe what he saw when he arrived at their home.

“With the help of other officers, we were able to scare it out of the room it was trapped into. And because we had all the other doors closed off, we were able to direct it back down the stairs and back out the front door,” Anderson said.

Now, the couple is thankful for the agency’s help. “I just appreciate the DNR people. We couldn’t have done it,” Sue Sujecki said.

While it’s still unknown what made the deer break into their home, the DNR said the couple’s holiday reindeer outside may have looked like a potential girlfriend for the buck— a theory the Sujeckis agree with.

“This is Dasher and Prancer,” Sue Sujecki said, pointing out her reindeer decorations. “And Prancer had an unwelcomed suitor.”

Despite all the chaos, the pair is happy no one got hurt, and the deer made it out okay.