Deer Causes Indiana Driver to Swerve, Slam Into House

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

An Indiana driver’s attempt to avoid hitting a deer with their car went sideways when they swerved to miss the animal, only to find themselves plowing into a nearby family’s house.

According to WHIO TV, the accident, which occurred Thursday night, took place in Wayne County, IN on state Route 227. The driver of the vehicle told first responders after they arrived at the scene that the deer had run out in front of the car. They responded by swerving in an effort to avoid the collision. However, in doing so, they ran the vehicle off the roadway. Instead, they crashed the car halfway into the front of a family’s home.

The car left a gaping hole in the brick home, located between Bethel and Whitewater, IN, near the Ohio border. A photo of the accident captures the extent of the damage, showing what looks like a green Ford Taurus sitting half in and half out of the house. Hollansburg (Indiana) Community Volunteer Fire Department reported neither the driver of the car nor the home’s occupants were injured. Given that the outlet provided no further information on the deer, we can assume that the animal got away unscathed.

Ohio Woman Nearly Loses Her Ear in Horrifying Deer Attack

In the natural pecking order, deer are actually prey animals. However, they can cause a lot of harm when it comes to human encounters. Earlier this month, an Ohio runner named Rebecca Heasley had been running in the Montville Township “Space Race” 5K when, all of a sudden, she was attacked by a deer.

Recalling the scary incident, she said, “I thought I got hit by another runner who was just too close.” Soon enough though, she realized it was a deer that had charged her. Heasley continued, “I saw blood on my hands and realized it was a bit more severe.”

The deer’s hooves had cut her head, ear, and neck. A photo on the website shows images of Heasley’s injuries before and after the encounter. Despite the severity of the attack, not to mention that she almost lost her ear, she appears in good spirits in one of the photos.

“Honestly [I] stayed calm through the whole thing,” the veteran runner continued. “I had a moment of freak out when I found my ear wasn’t where it was supposed to be, but other than that it was more or less like if I’m going to freak out, this is going to be much worse than it really is.”

So what else did Heasley do but finish the race? Truthfully, she explained that she had almost neared the end of the 5K when the deer attacked anyway. But she knew, as an experienced runner, that the nearest medical help would be found near the finish line.

Looking back on her encounter with the deer, Heasley is determined to get back to running.

“I’m not going to let it scare me from getting back out there,” she insisted.