Deer Falls Into Hole in the Middle of the Road, Pittsburgh Locals Witness the Unusual Rescue

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Oh, deer! Pittsburgh residents witnessed an unusual rescue after a deer barreled into a construction zone. Finding itself trapped after falling down a large hole in the middle of the road.

The unusual event happened in Pittsburgh’s Regent Square neighborhood on East End Avenue. And word spread quickly about the trapped wild animal in the city streets.

“When it first went down, it was like fighting,” recalls Tracy Baton, one of the area residents who witnessed the entire event.

“Now he’s a little quieter and down there looking pretty sad,” Baton continues as the rescue unfolds. “And it’s broken off an antler.”

Baton happened to be standing just outside of her Pittsburgh home when it happened. She was at the door talking to a solicitor as the nearby construction crews worked to repair a sewage line.

“I said, ‘Are we both awake?'” Baton quips. “‘Are you dreaming?” she jokes. “Am I dreaming?'”

The Neighborhood Residents Keep Watch As Officials Try To Rescue Fallen Deer

Soon, other area residents joined Baton looking on from a safe distance as officials respond to the calls to rescue the trapped dear from the hole. Responding to the call were representatives from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and area firefighters. Local police officers and animal control agents soon joined the other officials at the scene.

Officials Set Out To Begin The “Fluid Process” As They Perform The Unusual Rescue

The officials set about the rescue with a variety of goals in mind. In case one – or some – wouldn’t work, the crews set up a variety of plans. The process notes Matt Kramer one of the officials with the Pennsylvania Game Commission is a “fluid” one.

“This is a fluid process,” said Matt Kramer explains.

“We’re going to get to Goal A,” Kramer relates.

“Work towards Goal B,” he adds. “And hopefully get to C and D. That’s further down the line.”

The rescue process includes sedation of the trapped animal. Once the deer is sufficiently settled down, the rescuers strap it up and load the animal onto a deer rack.

The next step comes once the deer has been retrieved from the hole. This includes the relocation of the animal. Officials stress the importance of making sure this happens somewhere safe.

Some neighborhood residents have noted that they hope this accident speeds up the current work. The area where the sewage facilities are being repaired in areas featuring old infrastructure. In fact, it is near the site of a recent bridge collapse.