Deer Hunter Airlifted From Maryland Woods After Fall From Tree Stand Fractures Ribs

by Amy Myers
Photo by Matt McClain/ The Washington Post via Getty Images

Maryland State Troopers airlifted an injured deer hunter to safety after he fell out of his tree stand in a wooded region of Ellicott City. According to authorities, the man fractured multiple bones and could not self-evacuate.

The accident occurred on Friday, October 7 near the Cascade Falls Trail in Elkridge. Howard County Fire and Rescue became aware of the man’s situation just after 8 a.m. and promptly requested a medevac for the deer hunter. The man had fallen 20 to 30 feet from his stand and was in a heavily wooded portion of the natural area.

At first, rescue personnel attempted to evacuate the deer hunter via ATV but soon discovered that it would not be able to reach the hunter’s location. Instead, the responding aviation crew configured an aerial hoist after the rescue.

“Due to the extended distance and extrication coupled with the patient’s significant injuries, it was requested that Trooper 2 hoist the patient out of the wooded area and transport the patient,” the report from Maryland State Police read.

Once on-site, teams determined that the man sustained several fractures along his ribs and possibly a fractured bone in the pelvic region, per CBS Baltimore.

“As the pilots located the extrication site in the wooded area, the pilots maneuvered the Augusta AW-139 helicopter into a steady 150-foot hover,” the department’s report continued, adding that they deployed a state trooper/flight paramedic to the deer hunter’s location. “The trooper flight paramedic performed an assessment and used a PEP bag to package the patient with the assistance of HCDFRS personnel. The patient was hoisted into the helicopter where Trooper 2 transitioned to a medevac and flew the patient to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.”

The current condition of the deer hunter is unknown.

Deer Hunter in Minnesota Suffers Similar Fate After Fall From Tree Stand

Much farther west, a deer hunter in Minnesota was a victim of the same kind of accident while bowhunting from a treestand. Merrifield native Leroy Zollner, 28, fell roughly 20 to 25 feet from his own stand at around 6:19 p.m. Fortunately, just like the Maryland hunter, Zollner was able to access his phone to call for help.

According to the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office, a family member was hunting on the same property and had talked to Zollner over the phone. The fellow deer hunter knew he sustained some injuries but did not know his location. Naturally, he called state officials for assistance rescuing the 28-year-old.

So far, the sheriff’s office didn’t share what kind of injuries the deer hunter suffered. Although, much like the Maryland hunter, teams had to airlift Zollner out of the area to a nearby hospital.

Zollner and his relative were hunting near the 11000 block of Leisure Lane in Maple Grove Township.