Deer Jumps Into Traffic on Colorado Interstate, Causes Deadly Crash

by Emily Morgan

According to reports, a deer is responsible for a fatal crash on a heavily-used interstate in Colorado. The accident occurred on Friday morning during peak rush-hour traffic. The driver swerved off the road and rolled the car to keep from hitting the animal. As a result, one person died, and someone else suffered serious injuries.

This tragic accident highlights a serious subject relevant to all drivers: what should we do if we’re in a similar scenario where one of these animals jumps in front of our cars? During deer season, which typically runs from October through December, there is an increase in the movement of the deer population.

With this, many deer find their way onto busy roads and suburban areas. As a result, more deer-car accidents occur in this period than at any other time. While it’s a known fact that most animals are unpredictable, we can make the right moves to do our best to limit these incidents.

According to a safety guide provided by a law firm that works on personal injury cases, drivers should do everything they can to avoid swerving, as this can prove to be fatal.

How to prevent vehicle-deer collisions

It’s hard to regain control of your vehicle after you swerve at high speeds. With this, it’s important to slow down as much as possible. Moreover, colliding with other hazards, such as another moving vehicle, is also possible during such an event.

If you come across a deer in the road, slow down and honk instead of swerving. This action could hopefully scare it off, and you can be on your merry way.

However, if there’s no way to keep from hitting the deer, it’s best to do everything possible to minimize the impact. First, slow down as much as you can to curtail the crash. It’s also recommended to let off the brakes right before hitting the deer to raise the nose of the car as a way to reduce the chances of the deer hitting or going through your windshield.

If you do hit a deer, try to quickly move the vehicle to a safe place and report the accident. In addition, never approach the deer, even if you think it’s dead. You never want to have an interaction with a panicked animal.

According to MoneyGeek, nearly 1.5 million car crashes involve incidents with deer yearly. That results in $1 billion in damages and about 175 to 200 deaths and 10,000 injuries. If you reside in West Virginia, driving carefully is vital as it’s the state with the most significant number of accidents involving deer. There is a one in 37 odds of a car collision involving a deer in the state. Meanwhile, the least likely state is Washington, D.C., at one in 816.