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Deer Rescued After Getting Stuck in California Fence

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Jenny Getter / EyeEm)

California wildlife officials came to the aid of a deer recently when the animal found itself in a precarious situation. According to reports, the deer had somehow gotten its head stuck in a fence. A person out taking a walk in the Pebble Beach neighborhood noticed the trapped deer. She then quickly got ahold of the Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to come to the deer’s rescue.

California officials say that Jennifer Blevin called the incident into the Monterey County officials. These officials responded to the call hoping to extract the animal’s body from the neighborhood fence.

The Harrowing Rescue Wasn’t As Complicated As We Would Think – The Deer Was Freed in Minutes

According to Blevins, the wildlife officials arrived on the scene fairly quickly after the call. The personnel from the Monterey County SPCA then placed a blanket on the deer. They did this in hopes of keeping the wild animal calm during the rescue.

The responding personnel then used lotion to lubricate the deer’s body, hoping this would aid in the deer’s extraction from the fence. As all of this was going on, another deer stood just yards away on the road…apparently waiting for its partner to break free of the fence.

According to the witness, the rescuers spent only about 10 minutes working to free the trapped dear. Then, as soon as it was pulled from the gate, the animal ran off with the other deer standing nearby.

These Skittish Wild Animals Are Often Finding Themselves In Similarly Precarious Situations

Deer are known for running without thinking at times, getting themselves into some precarious positions. Some of these situations can be downright dangerous for these common wild animals, too. Especially this time of year with the nights getting longer and deer still facing breeding season. The many cars versus deer accidents recorded each year are a great example of this as well as the above story.

They are also known for getting stuck in nets present in area yards. Such as this Lancaster, New York buck who found itself tangled within a backyard climbing net recently. According to a Lancaster Police Department Facebook post, officers responded to assist the tangled buck…ending up in a sort of “tug of war” as the frightened animal tries to scurry away.

“Today one of our officers assisted with helping out a deer that was trapped in some netting,” notes the Facebook post. Eventually, officers were able to free the tangled buck, sending it on its way.