Desperate Polar Bear Tries to Get Human Help After Getting Tongue Stuck in Tin Can

by Emily Morgan

After a starving polar bear got its tongue stuck in a tin can, it sought help from nearby humans. In recent footage, viewers can see the animal pleading for help in a northern Russia area known as Dikson. The poor polar bear could not eat after getting its tongue stuck in an empty can of condensed milk.

In the video, you can see the polar bear approaching a nearby human standing on his porch.

The good samaritan can be seen trying to remove the sharp-edged can from the wild animal’s mouth but can only get so far as the polar bear’s tongue is lodged too deeply inside the can.

After a plane ride and road journey plagued by bad weather, a team of vets arrived in the remote village. They managed to sedate the female polar bear and get the tin can out of her mouth.

“The polar bear was found some 1.9 miles from the Dikson airport,” said Russian environmental watchdog chief Svetlana Radionova.

Vets intervene to save the polar bear at the 11th hour

She added: “Vets managed to sedate her with the first shot, and removed the tin can. Now one of the vets is treating multiple cuts on the bear’s tongue. The bear is a young female, weighing between 80 and 90kg.”

She continued: “It will be monitored for several days, and then returned to its natural habitat with a stack of fish.” Svetlana Akulova, general director of Moscow Zoo, added: “We have prepared 50kg of fish for the bear to help its recovery.”

Before, a video showed the bear approaching local villagers and asking for their help removing the can.

According to experts, these beautiful creatures typically refrain from approaching humans. However, the animal was desperate as it was suffering from starvation.

Before the vets rescued the animal, residents could see it on its hind legs shaking from hunger and thirst.

“The bear got so exhausted with the can it was coming to us and sticking its tongue out,” said a local.

“But it was impossible to help without traumatizing the bear, so people gave up.” The bear most likely found the tin can at a dump while scavenging for food.

The Russian town has a population of just 676 residents. It’s one of the world’s most northern settlements, named after Swedish explorer Baron Oscar Dickson.

According to Reuters, starving polar bears look to garbage dumps for food as their habitats become compromised due to the effects of climate change.

On Wednesday, a team of scientists warned that trash poses a threat to the polar bear populations as the animals seek landfills near northern communities.

As a result, we’re seeing more reports of incidents that could turn deadly with humans and polar bears.