Disney Guests Evacuate Animal Kingdom’s Lion Enclosure on Foot After Vehicle’s Wheel Broke

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Joseph Prezioso/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

A group at Walt Disney World got stuck in the lion enclosure at Animal Kingdom after the guide car’s wheel broke.

Kilimanjaro Safari takes visitors through a guided tour through the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. Many different animals can be seen on this ride, such as alligators, elephants, and yes, lions.

The tour vehicle’s wheel ended up breaking, and the guests ended up having to leave the lion enclosure on foot after being stranded there for a while. The incident was caught on tape in a now-deleted TikTok.

Although everything ended up okay, the visitors were annoyed as they only received one lightning lane pass for the park.

“What made that so miserable is that there were toddlers with us, it was in the sun and no one was telling us what was going on,” Katelin, who recorded the accident, said. “Can you imagine that? That’s ridiculous.”

Florida Governor Called for Disney to Evacuate Before Hurricane Ian Hit

Walt Disney World in Florida had to evacuate a little over a week ago before Hurricane Ian hit the state.

The storm went from tropical storm to Category 4 hurricane over the last few weeks. The hurricane caused lots of devastation in the state as it hit.

The park was closed Wednesday, September 28, and Thursday, September 29. Although the park shut down, that didn’t stop a handful of people in the state from still going out, and even swimming in the ocean as the storm was hitting.

CBS News shared a video of children swimming onto their Twitter. They wrote: Children were seen playing in the ocean in Key West, Florida, on Tuesday – even as flooding and rough waters already started ahead of Hurricane Ian.”

One person responded to the tweet, saying: “They are hardly ‘in the ocean’. They are in ankle deep water in a flooded parking lot. It is not like they are playing in the surf.”

Another person responded to that comment, noting: “People have drowned in their own homes and cars during hurricanes and flash floods.”

It’s important to practice extreme safety in conditions such as these. According to the Associated Press, the death toll for Hurricane Ian currently stands at 101.

Sharks Found Swimming in Florida Streets in Hurricane Ian Floodwaters

Although the streets are much safer than being out in the water, it isn’t that much safer. A video shows a shark swimming through the floodwaters in the streets.

Associated Press shared that real estate developer Dominic Cameratta filmed the shark in the roads.

 “I didn’t know what it was,” he said. “It just looked like a fish or something. I zoomed in, and all my friends are like, ‘It’s a shark, man!’” 

It was a terrifying sight for residents.