Divers Recovering Ford F-150 That Sank in Frigid Arctic Waters Off Canada Coast

by Lauren Boisvert

A rescue mission is in the works for a sunken Ford F-150 off the coast of Canada. This isn’t just your regular, run-of-the-mill pickup, though. And yeah, I know, every truck is special to someone. But, this one is truly unique. Hence all the trouble to save it.

This F-150 was fully customized to drive over Arctic ice by Icelandic company Arctic Trucks. The company converts trucks and SUVs into snow-eating machines, allowing them to drive over ice and snowy conditions. This truck was the first to drive from Yellowknife to Resolute, Canada, testing it for the 2024 Transglobal Car Expedition. The expedition aims to be the first to drive wheeled vehicles across both poles, circumnavigating the globe.

According to the New York Post, the truck was on its way back from Resolute, Canada when it encountered thin ice. The driver exited the vehicle before it sank into 26-foot-deep Arctic waters, so there were no injuries in the incident. Except, of course, the truck, which now sits in an area of the frigid Arctic Ocean near the Tasmania Islands in Nunavut.

The expedition team and local authorities worked together to create a plan that would not cause undue harm to the ecosystem. The recovery efforts will begin on August 25 and are expected to take three days, according to an expedition spokesperson. Rescue teams are going to first break through the ice. Then, divers will enter the frigid water and attach float bags to the truck. The float bags will bring the truck to the surface. Then, being inoperable, it must be airlifted by an Airbus Super Puma helicopter, which can carry 4,400 pounds of cargo.

Rescue Mission Underway for Converted Arctic F-150

The helicopter will carry the truck 180 miles from its watery grave to the nearest port town, Gjoa Haven. From there, the team will ship it to Montreal. Andrew Comrie-Picard, a member of the team and professional driver, made a statement on behalf of the team.

“This is an international team of the best in the world in polar wheeled travel, augmented with experienced cold-water recovery experts and a team of Indigenous underwater camera operators,” he said. “Our respect for the land motivates our desire to do the right thing to remediate the area, and also bring the world’s eyes to one of the most pristine and beautiful places on the planet.”

The overall goal here is not just to preserve the highly customized truck for the expedition, but also to preserve the Arctic by removing the F-150 from the water. At this point, before the truck is retrieved, there’s no word if it’s salvageable. But, Arctic Trucks can always convert another F-150. And they plan to: another drive is planned for next March from Resolute to Greenland, which is longer than this initial drive. Hopefully, they don’t lose another truck to the frigid depths of the Arctic Ocean.